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Sep 19 2019 Anchor

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for people interested in finalizing a project named Jurassic Life, on the Source Engine (HL2 modification). It's loosely based on the Jurassic Park universe where you play as Robert Muldoon. Project was in development for several years on and off. 2013-2014 we came almost to a complete stop due to personal reasons and some other factors. Now hoping to not get extinct and finish what was started.

Several of our past members have no time for JL so right now we are not even a hand full of people on the project.

These are the minimum skills we are looking for if you would like to join the project.

1a. Modeler & animator (humans and/or animals/dinosaurs, weapons):

  • Experienced with Source Engine modeling, texturing, animation and rigging.

  • Familiar with QC files (Compiling models and setting up Sequences, $ikchain, collision for animated models like NPCs etc)

1b. Modeler (humans and/or animals/dinosaurs, weapons):

  • Experienced with Source Engine modeling, texturing

  • Familiar with QC files (Compiling models)

1c. Modeler (static props/physics props):

  • Experienced with Source Engine modeling, texturing

  • Familiar with QC files (Compiling models)

At later time we will need help from voice actors and possibly another coder.

2. Voice actor - male and female.

Some initial info. If you can do Ray Arnold, Robert Muldoon e.g. let me know and we contact you later.

3. Gameplay scripter:

Well traversed in Hammer editor and knows how to utilize entities to create interesting dynamic gameplay

4. Coder:

  • Experienced with working with Source Engine

  • C++

  • Entity/NPC creation

  • Compiling necessary .dlls e.t.c.

Additional code info:

So our code (custom entities and other functionality) broke in a Source Engine branch transition. We hope to find someone that can restore it.

Status of project:

- We have a game story script that is basically 95% done. Not many additions needed. So our path is clear.

- We only need one more level (final level). Other levels are being finalized at around 90%.

- We still need to make the scripted sequences which a present team member will handle when our NPCs are ready.

I myself have been one of two project leaders, modeler, texturer, animator and level designer among other things. My task will be to finish what's left to do in various levels that are WIP, possibly make some models and guide you through the project.

(Note: We do not pay for the work. All past members contributed work for free and the mod will be free for download)


jl 02c fusesandbungalows r7m5700

2012 12 12 Mountain

2012 12 12 VPen2

2010 01 02 ingame

2012 12 12 Explorer

2011 07 08 News MapScreen2

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Sep 29 2019 Anchor

Hello, long time enthusiast of the JP franchise here.

While I unfortunately am not qualified for any of those required positions, I just wanted to say that I and others who have followed progress on the Jurassic Life mod for a long time, have seen this thread and we want to give you the best of luck in finishing the mod. To many of us this is a dream game that you guys are making possible and we're crossing our fingers for you!

I hope we can get an official announcement of the project's continuation sometime and somewhere soon, just to let everyone know that things are still going with Jurassic Life.

As some of us have said: Jurassic Life has found a way!

Oct 3 2019 Anchor

Hello there Macgyverthehero!

Thank you for leaving a comment, and it's totally fine even though it was not directly tied to the recruitment. I'm glad you're cheering for the projects continuation and completion. :)
Yes, when the pieces are in place we will make that official announcement.


I have updated available positions on the project and while some positions are now taken we're still looking for someone interested in animating our dinosaurs. Let us know if you would like to help out! :)


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Nov 23 2019 Anchor

Alright, I had almost lost hope for this! Cannot wait! If you end up needing a male voice actor, please do contact me! Would love to be a part of this project! :)

Dec 24 2019 Anchor

Hi Mickey! Thanks for showing interest and giving your support. I see now that it's been a month since you posted but if you still want to try for a VA role DM me (or I might send you a DM in short). Will give you more information regarding casting then.

And also I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas! :)

*Document updated*

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Mar 15 2020 Anchor

Hi there,

I’m not sure if I’m too late, but I’m curious if you’re still casting for Robert Muldoon. I’ve been working on my impression of him for a long time now and would like to see if I could play the role. I’ve been following this game for YEARS and it would mean the world to me if I could help out in any way.

Many thanks,

-Spenser Mehew

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