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Sep 29 2013 Anchor

Old school fallout(1) RPG style... simple basic graphics and gameplay, nothing fancy or over-done...

Space RPGs have had a ridiculously hard time coming into existence... there has been not much historical basis in games for this type of game, instead flight-simulator-space-things seem to have filled that niche. I am tired of it though, I cant stand freelancer or pretending to be a space trucker... its tedius and boring.

and I will certainly not be going back to that... mess... that used to be Mass Effect...

Simple idea, not one of these "massive open world" game ideas, or "super FPS" games... just a simple old-school RPG set in a fantastic spacey-universe with all those lovely tropes that havent been exploited by RPG's.

A few playable races.

Interacting species not restricted by faction.

unique lore.

Space Opera RPGs need to happen, nobody seems to give a crap about making them happen for big-name game consoles. Gotta start from the ground up!

Sep 29 2013 Anchor

So...make one?


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Sep 29 2013 Anchor

Sounds like something that could be fun. Make 3 of them at least :P

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