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May 12 2014 Anchor

Hey folks

I just have a simple question I hope you guys can answer.
Example: Is the creator of a mod allowed to delete every comment with no reason from his Moddb page? From the comment section on the main page or under images to censor or oppress opinions?

Cheers :)

TKAzA Community Manager
May 13 2014 Anchor

Its the mod developers choice to remove comments, It may not look good or become censor ship, but these are privately run pages so he can do as he likes aslong as it falls within the TOS

May 13 2014 Anchor

Thanks for clearing things out. I saw a lot of censorship here on Moddb recently and just wondered :P


May 15 2014 Anchor

Actually, although those pages and profiles are privately run, the site staff can still step in and resolve situations such as those.

Just like the site falls under international/Australian law, law itself or how the site terms are worded does not guarantee anything or protect anyone from being responsible for abuse.

Same in the case of developers' abuse. The site staff can still look into and prevent that despite those devs' pages being "privately" run. That is why reviews cannot be deleted by developers themselves. And that is why the site staff can receive requests to look into cases such as those, if there are serious grounds for that.

May 15 2014 Anchor

Thanks for your addition.
I will kepp that in mind for the future


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