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Jun 28 2018 Anchor

Where events can sometimes take an unexpected turn!


Hi Guys!

I'm very happy to introduce you today to Mysterius, a category of Djeanius games that we've been working on for 3 years! Here you go…

Needing only a mobile device, the application Djeanius and a connection to an Internet network, the players gathered will be immersed in a world of investigation where the purpose of the game is to find the culprit of the misdeed!

From a reunion of Santa Clauses, to the masked ball and wizards in search of a grimoire of invincibility, we have created original scenarios that are sometimes complex and intense, sometimes humorous and entertaining!


In fact, Mysterius's strength lies in real-time decision-making and interactivity among its participants. The application records the participants gaming history and then selects the least lived scenario for the whole group. This means that several alternative endings are found in the same game! At some point, a disruptive event will give way to the investigation. No player knows what will happen and what will be the outcome.

We are now on Kickstarter, go see our page for more information: !

I will love to have your feedback!


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Jun 28 2018 Anchor

I follow you guys since a couple of weeks now, and honestly, I can't wait to play your games! Each time I learned a bit more about you and your games, I'm a bit more excited to play! It's a game I've waited for a long time!

Keep up the good work guys! I already backed your project on Kickstarter and encourage others to do so! :)

Jul 3 2018 Anchor

Wow thanks a lot Spencertheboardgamer!

Really happy to know that you were already interested in the project. We worked really hard on this, so thank you for your support !

(and the Kickstarter too, that's awesome !)

Aug 17 2018 Anchor

Is the concept similar to a choose your own adventure game? I am always interested in a good story.

Sep 26 2018 Anchor

Mysterius is now live !

You have 1 hour to play with 2 or 3 friends? We invite you to try our first free game, the Torpor Concoction, For 3 to 4 players, dive into the world of the crazy B.R.W.S. scientists (Brilliant but Really Wacky Scientists), who have dark plans for humanity! Here’s the link for the download:

Apple Store :

Google Play :

Enjoy !!!

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