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Apr 10 2013 Anchor


I'm seeking writing and editing opportunities, and the chance to collaborate on something smart, stylish, provocative or just plain cool - this seems like the place to start.

I've worked in "The Industry" for a decade, in an assortment of capacities including: journalist, PR flack, biz dev for several studios, and strategic/creative consultant. All those roles have involved writing to varying degrees, but it's now a focus for me; chalk it up to my conviction in a growing appetite for narrative-rich, more thought-provoking fare (e.g. The Walking Dead, Journey, The Silent Age, Year Walk, The Room etc.).

Here's some of the work I've done as a writer/editor:

  • Ongoing English-language Editor for a premier Japanese dev team ("!")
  • Wrote all in-game dialogue and UI text for a mobile PVP strategy game (not yet released, so I can't say which one) from a major social/mobile games publisher
  • Served on staff at a number of leading US videogame magazines and websites (all now sadly defunct)
  • Prepped hundreds of press releases, and countless game proposal documents

If you're working on something nifty that needs story, dialogue or other text spiffed up, pared down, or otherwise ironed out, do get in touch and let's see what shakes out.

May 25 2013 Anchor

Do you have any experience or interest working with video game oriented web comics?

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