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Jan 11 2018 Anchor

I am Luis aka Jazzking2001.

How often do you see the major sites focus their attention to indies and their games? Well, I don't see that very often. Maybe a review here and there.

My goal is to show "behind the scenes" for indie companies and their games. I think this could be a great way to advertise both your company and games for free.

I own a site - which focuses on interviews and reviews.

Below are some of our latest indie company and game interviews.
Hellboom Games Interview
Squash Pipes Interview
Swoords Interview
Positech Games Interview

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Jan 12 2018 Anchor

I'm interested :) If you're interested, send me a message (here or on twitter) and tell me what you'll need. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Jan 16 2018 Anchor

Hey there,

we are working on a game called CEFORE. We could be down for one of those interview.

Let me know


Jan 20 2018 Anchor

I confirm, jazzking2001 is an honest person, he took an interview with me, and posted it openly on his website. And it's really for free. Don't be afraid to contact him!

Jul 18 2018 Anchor

Hey, maybe you like our game, its a school project:

Looking forward for your Message

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Oct 21 2018 Anchor

Knocknock Games is an independent game development company with 15 experienced developers in-house. Our team combines game industry veterans with more than 12 years of experience and creativity and passion of middle-level developers.

We develop and produce games for hire as well as work on our own games in genres that do not get due attention these days. Such genres as Space Combat Simulators, Turn-Based Strategies or Adventures have been overshadowed by countless MMO, Freemium products, and Loot boxes. At Knocknock studio with the support of the fans, we work to resurrect those long-forgotten genres and bring more exciting worlds to the game universe.

Some of our projects you can see here :)

Dec 17 2018 Anchor

Sound like a cool initiative!

Let us know if you want to cover Bad Pad

Dec 17 2018 Anchor

Hey, if you're still doing this, I'd be happy to be a part of it!

Here's my studio website to have a look at more info

Dec 19 2018 Anchor

I've been working solely on this arcade game for the past 18 months, and it is finally in the Beta stage. It is a top-down game where you navigate a cursed rabbit various labyrinths and if you touch any of the walls you die immediately.

The game is a modern take on a lot of the classics from Blockade, Pac-Man, Nokia Snake, Pepsiman to our current more advanced 3D platformers. Even the cubes design was created as a 3D symbolism for pixels! Resuffer has also been influenced by the quickly punishing culture of indie games and the (die, learn, repeat) concept of the souls series.‚Äč

Here's the game trailer:

Here's the game Steam page:

and would be amazing if you joined my discord to try the beta and give feedback:

We have awesome people there and I guarantee you, you'll enjoy your stay with us.

Have a great day!

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