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Aug 20 2013 Anchor


As a new member, I'd like to present to you a new Indie game that my team and I are developing. The game is called "Skara--the Blade Remains."

We are a new Indie company based in Barcelona called 8 bit Studios.

Pablo Rodriguez, CEO and Creative Director, started dreaming about the background of Skara in 2009. By December 2012 he decided to go in with his friend, Cesar Ortega, to make his dream a reality. Together they founded 8 bit Studios, and began assembling a team to develop Skara.
Recently they have been licensed to develop Skara using Unreal Engine 4, a product of Epic Studios. They are dedicating all of their time and energy on creating the kind of game that every gamer would want to play.

We rely on our supporters, knowing that by listening to them and giving them an opportunity to participate in the creative process, we are sure to create a better game. That's why we have active social pages and forums and ask for lots of input--so we can put them directly into the game.

After all, as gamers, we are very opinionated too and enjoy discussing our point of view!

Description of Skara:

We are developing a MOBA F2P for PC's and next-gen consoles. Although it will be classified as a MOBA, the difference between Skara and other titles made us think carefully about how to label it. For instance the combat system is based on the skills and reflexes of the player through a system of combos like those used in fighting games--think Street Fighter, Tekken, etc. The action is in third person, team combat will be live action, taking place in arenas where the way players handle their characters will be the key!

Another characteristic of Skara that we think reinforces the importance of a player's abilities involves our decision to not let characters improve by levels. In other words, a novice player has the same capability of killing a veteran player, just like in versus fighting games. The only difference is marked by the reflexes and experience of each player.

People working on the team:

- Pablo Rodríguez (CEO y Creative Director)
- Cesar Ortega (CFO)
- David Güell (Art Director)
- Jesús Luengo (Lead Game Designer)
- Sergi Salvador (Lead VFX Artist)
- Daniel Flamenco (Senior Programmer)
- Alberto Plaza (Senior Programmer)
- Luís Rojas (Senior Programmer)
- Miki Company (Lead Environment Artist)
- Javier Cadenas (Environment Artist)
- Oscar Giménez (Character Artist)
- Jofre Balboa (Lead Animator)
- Javier Ramello (Junior Programmer)
- Francisco Rodríguez (Texture Artist)
- Marc Boulesteix (Marketing Manager)
- Carlos Noguer (Junior Animator)
- Dimax Eduard (Junior 3D Artist)
- Jackson Adams (Creative Writer and Consultant)

Where we are at with the project:

Skara is currently at the Alpha stage of development. Using Unreal 4 has forced us to go back over certain parts of the game. Assuming all goes well, we expect to offer a closed Beta by January, 2014.
We invite you to open up our new website and join a forum! Register to take part in the creative process by sharing your ideas about the game

We are also very active on Facebook and Twitter. Follow us to stay informed about the latest news, concept art, and to participate in the discussion.

To get a better idea of our game, you can check out a video of our first arena "Khilma Mountains" (this video was developed with Unreal 3, five months into the development of the game)

Finally, check out some of our concept art:

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
Aug 21 2013 Anchor

Good heavens!Those pictures are beautiful!Good luck with your game! 8)


"sweet"  little old lady

Aug 26 2013 Anchor

Thanks for your support grouchbag!
Don't hesitate to follow us on facebook or twitter to to stay tuned! :)

Aug 26 2013 Anchor

Supporting a fellow indie. Imma go ahead and say a good 30+ hours went into those drawings.

Just a guess from a computer graphics major. The 3rd image is the weakest but the 1st and 2nd are phenomenal with their two different diagonal compositions.

Website is pretty snazzy too. May your skill surpass your expectations.

That's a fancy way of me saying I don't like luck.

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