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Dec 30 2017 Anchor

Hi, I will make a game about a ser between 2 brothers who player need to stop, some ideas for the name?


Dec 31 2017 Anchor

a game about a ser between 2 brothers who player need to stop

What is a ser?

Jan 1 2018 Anchor

My mistake, sorry.

About a fight between 2 brothers who starts a war and the player needs to stop

Jan 17 2018 Anchor

Clash: The Renewal

geronimo1988 Need help with Red Alert 2 Mod
Feb 13 2018 Anchor

So... The two brothers that start a war need to be stopped by us (the player) from the Middle??

"blood brothers"

"thick water, thin blood"

"the sons of our Fathers"


Does anyone know how to use the VXL Editor for Red Alert 2??

It's like I get it, sort of understand, then get lost... Like I know what Legos are but I'd struggle building a proper house out of em!!

Also, I've created a new intro film replacing the Westwood intro but kept it in, obviously, but when I play it in the game there is no Audio so someone who knows Bink well would be of great help.

Feb 19 2018 Anchor

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Feb 28 2018 Anchor

Brother's breaker / Brother breaker / Warbrothers breaker / Brother's warbreaker / Brother's War breaker (not the dance rofl)
Between breaker / Betwaar breaker (if you like puns) / ehhh thats it for now

maybe battling brother breaker

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