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Jul 18 2013 Anchor

I need a cartoon style crab for my mobile game, that is animated and low poly.
I need somethiling like this: .. This is perfect, but it isn't low poly so I can't use it.
Can anybody trim it for me ? I'm not good with CG :/

Many thanks

Jul 19 2013 Anchor

Look. Low-poly modeling is easy and there is no reason you couldn't do it yourself.

1) Download Blender, watch a tutorial or 2. "My first whatever" or something.
2) add a cube, turn on mirroring
3) subdivide and extrude until you have the crude shape
4) paint it with materials

Or I can make one for you for money.

Jul 19 2013 Anchor

As I'm a coder, I prefer spend my time coding and learning new things related to code :)

How much for it tho ? Thanks

Jul 19 2013 Anchor

Sent PM.

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