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Apr 11 2013 Anchor

Hey bros!

Me and my bro produce music, but we are quite bored and out of ideas. So we think we can help new indie devs with audio-stuff.

So my old channel was SynTroller. But now it's DJ Sobba. I have a new song that's called nighttime. It sounds quite slow, but we keep on coming. We do every kind of music- dnb, dubstep, rap, but not rock. Let the bands do it.

So yeah, contact me via Youtube or e-mail @!

Apr 11 2013 Anchor

1. you sound unprofessional
2. don't put dj in front of your name.. that's dooming yourself to eternal unpopularity
3. we have no examples of your work
4. dnb, dubstep and rap are 3 styles of music that will never fit in a game
5. you are limiting yourself

good luck

Apr 12 2013 Anchor

I don't make dubstep you fag

Apr 12 2013 Anchor

You single handedly encapsulate what people hate about the internet. You said in your original post that you make dubstep music. And everything Guiboune said is pretty much exactly what any one who reads this will think. You don't even have examples of your work.


Someone wrote: Her?

Apr 12 2013 Anchor

Well you can't handle the pressure NIGGA. Also, rap suits for game(GTA:SA BITCH) and dnb also -.- NFS so go suck your little wieners

Apr 12 2013 Anchor

Don't feed the trolls

Ian50028 A great Fatality / Scorpion fan
Apr 12 2013 Anchor

Those songs in GTA and NFS are popular songs which we all like, and are very known, they also have rock in both games. If you want to make music for games everybody will suggest you not to use those music genres, as they are very... very rare in a game. I guess you deserve a warning or something for your language, as it's not friendly to call someone a "faggot" or a "NIGGA". If you are going to keep insulting people who are just advising you. I'd gladly open the door for you to leave this site.


I can mod you mate.
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Apr 12 2013 Anchor

Go fuck yourselves fucking bronies and all these songs were unknown @ beginning newbs. And also- Go fuck yo' mamas. IOMAMASOFAT.

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