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Sep 8 2017 Anchor

This mod that I have linked uses stolen assets from i2Bros mod The Battle of The Clone Wars ! The way the person stole assets is he or she used the .lvl files without i2Bros premission.

This person has violated the copyright rules on moddb here:

Mod that uses stolen assets:

Original Mod:

Please don't allow this mod to flourish moddb staff. If possible can you remove the mod page so it can never be re-activated again? i2Bros and I worked so hard to create The Battle of The Clone Wars mod!

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Sep 9 2017 Anchor

It might have to be in the "spam section", this is what i've done last week and it worked perfectly:

So annoying to have issue with the Battle of the Clone Wars mod! It was such a great mod.

Sep 9 2017 Anchor

The probelm is already taken care of

Sep 9 2017 Anchor

Are you sure? It looks like the same guy once again;

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Sep 9 2017 Anchor

Read the description of his new mod.

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