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Oct 10 2012 Anchor

Hello,I'm making HTML5 2D top-down shooter game. It's in early alpha stage, has only first 4 levels (20 planned) and no saving system yet. All weapons are unlocked from beginning.

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In 2051 international corporation OMC - Omni Minerals Corp estabilished mining base on the moon.Precious helium isotope - helium-3, suitable to produce very efficient fuel, was mined there. Due to very difficult conditions for human beings, all the work has been carried out by a fully automated robots.
20 years later, the mine was attacked by unidentified robots. They took over whole base. Massive earth space vessels were sent to recapture OMC property.
All of them was autmoaticly destroyed by robots moon defense system. Approach for all big vessels was impossible. Only one small transport pod with universal assault tank got through their defences.It's mission is to destroy induction power generators located in each sector of the base. Without them enemy robots will be powerless.

Aim of the game:
You're controlling BTank - universal assault tank. Your aim is to destroy power generator in every sector.

W,A,S,D - move
Q / E - next /previous weapon
1,2,3,4 - weapon select
LMB - shoot
RMB - mine

Game link (online singleplayer play):

Please write if you have any comments to the gameplay, graphics, pace etc.What is good and what is wrong? :)

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