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Sep 30 2017 Anchor

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on here, so if this post is completely out of place feel free to tell me so.

Awhile ago I started a little project - a simple 2d platformer. I have mostly completed a simple, but working engine using C++/SDL2/Lua. However I cannot continue, because I am horrible at designing characters and environments. If you are a beginner/mediocre programmer (can't really ask experienced devs to spend time on this) willing to learn new things together and be part of a fun project you are welcome too. As it is clear by now, I'm not able to pay anything to anyone, (I am a university student), so I can only offer equal ownership of whatever it is that we create. If you are interested, just tell me and I will share the code written so far :)

Oct 13 2017 Anchor

Yo, I'm down to help out if you're still looking. I have no experience with the listed languages, but I like working on visuals. My history of gamedev is just making a few concepts for games and working in Game Maker for a week or so. I just want to get into a project and learn some stuff, and you seem to be in a similar mindset. So message me whenever.

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