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Jun 17 2017 Anchor

Just wanted to say hi, and this is a great site. I'm from Sandbox Games, and working on a game called "Sandbox" for now.

Jun 20 2017 Anchor

Hi there hatsune-fan :)

Jun 20 2017 Anchor

so how are you?

Jun 21 2017 Anchor

Hey there!

Good luck with the game, would be nice to give us a demo when ready. Call if you need some web 3d for it ;)

Ah, so it already had a demo! Caught on fire a couple of times, but managed to keep alive :) Anyway, keep the work going!

Jun 21 2017 Anchor

so if anyone care to help that would be nice

Jun 21 2017 Anchor

Help with your game or something else..?

Jun 22 2017 Anchor

well i am looking to make a team to help with my project

Jun 22 2017 Anchor

Unless you're planning on paying them (and I mean actually paying them a proper wage, up-front), don't count on it.

Jun 23 2017 Anchor

ok never mind im flat broke lol

Jun 23 2017 Anchor

hi i can read the website cuz it is not in English.

Aug 22 2017 Anchor

hi i think i can help, what is your game aboutm I mean in detail?

Sep 23 2017 Anchor

Hi I'm a game dev. I can help :)

Sep 29 2017 Anchor

Help your game or something ...?

Oct 2 2017 Anchor

So what is your game about?

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