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Jan 14 2014 Anchor

Okay i did not realise this but i have 3 people giving me assignments and when someone asks are you between projects? i say yes i have 3 projects im working on all are kinda hard as fudge and I dont know if i have the time to work my ass off making models. do any of you guys have assloads of work and think they cant get it all done? lol. :P dont mean to be a dick but I need motivation.


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TKAzA Community Manager
Jan 14 2014 Anchor

mmm get one project done, then get on with the rest, and dont overload yourself due to artistic block or lack of motivation, ive done it in the past and it just takes longer to get the work done.

Jan 14 2014 Anchor

ty man


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Jan 15 2014 Anchor

If you wan to solve this, the only thing you can do is sit down and break up all your tasks methodically into minor tasks, start with getting the smallest one done and don't stop doing it. Also, if you feel you won't be able to your tasks done on time, discuss with your fellow project members and ask for a post-poned deadline, if this is not possible you might have to reconsider to leave the project or announce that you will be completely inactive for some time - I know this makes you feel bad but it is really the only thing you can do to get in sync again.

Once you've caught up in the other two projects you can return to the third one.

How do I handle multiple projects? Mostly I don't, I try not to work on more than two projects at the same time. The reason I do this is mostly not because of the loads of tasks or multi-tasking capabilities but rather it is a matter of interest. I have experienced that when I am on multiple projects there have ALWAYS been times where my interest is stronger for one of the projects in specific.

This means that when I work on one of the projects that is currently "less interesting" my creative performance is somewhat hindered since in truth I want to work on the other project. Though, the times where I had to work on multiple projects at the same time I decided that thursday would be dedicated to Project A, saturday and sunday to Project B, monday and tuesday for Project C.

Of course you have to evaluate the work-load and divide how many days per week you need to spend on them, but to me it was important to being able to focus on the tasks I had, ONE project at the time.

This is complicated stuff, maybe not for everyone but I think it is.

Best of luck!


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