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Aug 2 2013 Anchor

well since they took off GFWL support for H2 and theres nothing to do and no better halo then H2 to play around in i would like to see this superbounce patch undone it was confirmed to only be patched which means it is there and possibly if you are able to mismatch the patch with halo2 xbox and the remake for halo2 pc vista. crack support for online play is possible and it is now the only way to play online onit but you can just think of it as XBC which was just fine as priror
i know this wouldnt be a hard task and would be 100% worth it seeming how if you played since halo 2 xbox or prior you would need this to be done from all the experience with the glitches that only made the game better. on Pc BXB BXR And double shot works i thinkghost jumps also work the only thing that was patched was the superbouncing and doing things like the xbounce or crane bounces are always fun to relearn and something to run around in like a sandbox since all the modding tools should work from xbox just maybe the resigners need to be redone a bit but that seemed to have as much mod support as fallout has to this day so its worth fixing nonetheless.

If you cant launch h2 PC then i suggest downloading the fix for your OS which is easily found on google search for windows 8, xp, and/or windows 7

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