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Aug 25 2017 Anchor

Hi guys, I've been thinking about this for a long time, about getting back into games modding and noticing that the story for the never-released Half Life Episode 3, or a severely altered / limited version of it, has been posted by Marc Laidlaw on his personal blog, seems like a perfect opportunity to jump back in.

I am interested to know whether a small number of people would be interested in getting involved in such a project?

For transparency (and credibility), I was project lead for the Classic Doom 3 mod and have also had a hand in several other mods over the years, whether through hands-on level design or through providing advice and guidance. I also have worked in the games industry and have experience dating back to the late 2000's.

If I were to create a proof of concept (e.g. working level within HL2:EP2 Source engine), is there anyone passionate enough about the concept for creating a homage to what HL2:EP3 could have been, using Marc Laidlaw's storyline as a blueprint?

I understand the way that this usually works is that you would first expect someone to create a proof of concept before asking for assistance, however I see no point in starting up a new project if others are already talking among themselves with working on something along these lines.

So, with all that said, what are your thoughts?

Sep 1 2017 Anchor

Hey Gazz, i had the same exact idea about the storyline released by Laidlaw. I personnaly have a degree in videogame art and technical art, i also use the Source Engine since 2005 and i specialized in Level Design and building.

I'm interested by working on a "fake" ep3 using the story available but like you i don't see the point of working alone on it if nobody else is gonna be interested.

I never released any big mod but i'm the author of a very small mod named HL2 : Climbox , and i've worked on several map for TF2 and one CSGO map ( none of them have been published )

Hit me on my mail if you're interested

Sep 2 2017 Anchor

Will do. Found that a gamejam has been posted on so will see if we can get a few people together to make a source engine hl2:ep3 demo of sorts and go from there? If anyone else reads this and is interested I'll keep checking this thread for replies :)

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INtense! End Boss
Sep 2 2017 Anchor

YEESSS I was waiting to see how long this would take. great to see :D

If we can assist in any manner please just PM me. Happy to help with recruiting


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

Sep 2 2017 Anchor

I'm thinking if we use existing HL2 assets for now and use the source SDK entities etc... we'll be able to plan out and implement one playable section of the game as proposed by Laidlaw. If that as received well it will help drum up interest from other creatives and modders.

I'm not sure what kind of support is available through DBolical and moddb but just having a private space online to share ideas and do some project planning would be great. I'll set up a Dropbox or similar to get things started if that would be simpler.

Sep 2 2017 Anchor

Most probably, RTSL admin, Phillip, the PlanetPhillip, is the one to contact at or at

Sep 2 2017 Anchor

Not sure what you mean cryfreed, do you mean for promotion for getting people interested in the project?

I've signed up to the Epistle 3 gamejam over on - here's the link:

We can create a page once we have something to show - no point yet as nothing has been created but once things start progressing it will be great to have the mod hosted here.

If anyone else is interested in getting involved in a source engine based mod please please get in touch.

Sep 5 2017 Anchor

Hi guys I'm interested to get involved with this I have experience creating maps in Hammer I'm passionate about bringing episode 3 to the community.

Sep 6 2017 Anchor

Nice, I'll send a PM :)

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