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Sep 18 2012 Anchor

I am looking for serious modders. I have a mod idea I think many players would be drawn to. I will lay out a few things to interest a possible team
*Persistant Open world
*Atmosphere similar to day z but with added problems. (More hostiles than just zombies and other players)
*Limited radio range like that of RNL or No room in hell.
*Ammo-weapons scarce.

The idea for this mod takes inspiration from the day z mod from arma II and works on it. I know the Half life 2 engine can't support extremely large maps, but they can support fairly decent sized ones. For example, the mod Resistance and liberation. Many of the maps are huge. Now normally parts of the map aren't even seen that often but you can usually find other players because it supports up to 32 players. In this mod we'd lower the player count to somewhere around 10-12 so you're not always running into other players, but at the same time you're not just running around and never finding anyone. The terrain will be a mixture of forests, beaches, and the occasional small farm house or barn. I don't know that programming large cities would be smart, but it can be looked at. This will lower the amount of expensive entities I hope so that we can make the map a little larger. Also as in Day Z you will have to worry about hostiles and other players, but ammo and weapons need to be scarce so you have a desire to keep them and not waste ammo.

This game will be set in the Half life 2 universe. All the weapons from the Hl2 universe will remain the same, but it can be discussed adding in new weapons.

I'm seeking Mappers, programmers who can implement the various things listed above such as the radio chatter and more, and modelers who can create/reskin weapons for possible future weapons.

If you are interested you can private message me here and we'll set up a skype meeting to discuss possibilities of moving forward.

Sep 18 2012 Anchor

Source doest like openworld

Jok3r098 “A computer is like air conditioning – it becomes useless when you open Windows” - Linus Torvals
Sep 18 2012 Anchor

Sounds like a MMORPG ... MMO ... MMO

Sep 19 2012 Anchor

if you want do so something like this Source engine wil not be an option since you are limited to sdk 2007
its bether to move to UDK

Ambient_Malice More passion than good sense.
Sep 19 2012 Anchor

Or CryEngine 2/3.

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