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hammy-bob b0bzied
Oct 13 2013 Anchor

Is there any good resources out there for the old hammer? :) I am trying to get back into HL modding.

Oct 14 2013 Anchor

Why would you want to get back to HL1 when the HL2 has identical editor, packs much more power and has much more resources?

I think the folks who still fiddle with HL1 are the ones that have already mastered it. But the community is very small and there's not really much to "get back to".

Oct 19 2013 Anchor

^ don't listen to him -_-

~X~ Device information classified
Oct 21 2013 Anchor

Community is huge. And HL1 mapping gets close in quality to UT and even HL2.

I don't really need mapping instructions right now, so I don't know where to find them (sorry), but years ago there were tons of them.

Oct 24 2013 Anchor

Pretty amazing Half-life 1 mods are still in the works. Never looked at it since HL2 and never thought it had a huge community. I just remember how combersome it was to make sure you didn't have any holes in your map when you baked light, I never want to go through that again and I just can't understand how anyone else would either!

Oct 24 2013 Anchor

Well, mapping in Source never was comfortable.
Just compare Hammer to, let's say, Sandbox (CryEngine). The thing I hated most in Hammer was compiling the map over and over again just to see if it works/looks as desired now. Lot's of time wasted.


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Oct 25 2013 Anchor

Was?It's still a huge pain...

Dec 2 2013 Anchor

I think this is what i used to learn, though source hammer is (almost) identical.

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