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Sep 12 2018 Anchor

Download link here:

Play as Fart Man! As he runs across the skies with his Super Flatulence!
Tap the screen to make him fart. And listen to the funny sounds as he soars through the air with his super farts, While he collects food to keep up his fart strength like pizza, beans and blocks of cheese! Otherwise, he may fall from the skies!

But Fart Man had best be careful! Because there's deadly birds and high-speed airplanes in the skies, that will tear him apart and end his farts.

Tap the screen with two fingers to unleash your deadly fart attack! Use it to take down the nasty birds, planes and blimps!

Collect other new power ups to help Fart Man on his way. Such as the food magnet, which brings food towards Fart Man. And Laxatives, which gives him infinite Fart Power for a brief moment.

As you get farther with Fart Man, he begins to pick up speed! Getting faster and faster with his fart velocity! How fast can you go, and can you keep on Farting?

Fart Man has been updated with new graphics and gameplay! Which includes an online scoreboard, achievements, and a gift shop to buy new power ups to use in the game.

Music made specially for this game by the alternative indie stoner noise rock band, the Cowing Zounds!
Check out their Sound Cloud Profile here and subscribe for more interesting music!

Additional sound effects were downloaded from:

And also take a look at our Youtube, Facebook and Twitter!

Download Fart Man today for your mobile android device!
Please make sure to leave feedback and reviews on our game. We'll be updating the game with more power ups in the gift shop at a later point. Until then, Flatulence Away!

Screenshot 2017 07 11 18 45 48

Screenshot 2017 07 11 18 40 40

Screenshot 2017 07 11 18 44 55

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