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Jan 23 2013 Anchor

Does anyone want to post this on IndieDB and get money (paid) or fame (free)? Go Ahead, The game/source code is yours as long as you are willing to continue it's development and activily develop it on indieDB ;)

Warning this game has many dependencies that must be downloaded to run. Usually downloading the following from microsoft is enough however some computer may require more stuff to be downloaded in order to get the game to run:

Histacom is a hacking game set in an ultra realistic environment indistinguishable from the real thing. It has the unique feature of time travel never before seen in the hacking game genre. The time travel aspect adds great depth into the game allowing the environment (operating system) to evolve as you leap through different ages in computer history.

- To save your game click the clock in the task bar.
- To Quit the game open the start menu and click turn off computer!

You start your journey of as an ordinary computer user in 1998 who stumbles upon a website with secret information while performing a google search. From there it's up to you to do what you wish with this information. Do find the secret time travel software or do carry on with your daily life. The game starts off pretty linear but eventually the storyline branches once you visit a dangerous future. From there you must choose a year to travel back in time to in order to fix the past. Your actions have consequences and its up to you to prevent widespread apocalyptic computer virus. There are some unique characters who you can interact through using a downloadable chatroom (in game). The Main characters are 12padams and The Hidden Hacker.

12padams: Developer of the secret time travel software. Hack into his website and find it!!!!

The Hidden Hacker: He'll help you on your journey with or against 12padams.

If you want to check this game out before you download check the following resources below:

Poorly Made Youtube Trailer (Anyone wanna make a better one?):
Introduction video (The games environment):
Dangers Video (How you can lose the game):
Storyline Video (Shows the beginning storyline elements and time travel):

Download the full game below for free!! (The source-code will be given away to a person promising to continue my work)

Version 1.8.5 Latest Download at any of the following links:

Development History: I started developing Histacom in March 2010 but stopped 4 months later due to getting RSI. I got the name Histacom from "HISTory of COMputers". The game never kicked off however since I never advertised it so nobody knew about it. A year later in 2011 I posted it on a hacking website where it got nothing but a load of positive comments (apart from those who had difficulty installing the game). Someone told me they would take over development so I gave them the source code which they stole for their own game rather than working on this one. I gave up attempting to give Histacom a future again until now. People are emailing me, asking for it to be ported to Ubuntu and much more but I can't do this. Recently I found this review of my game: and that's why I want it to be continued, It has a future and I'm giving it away to a person who can promise to develop it. Make a page on indieDB and do regular updates.

Warning About Code:
You may see histacom on sourceforge but DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!!!! That was not done by me. A previous fan known as benpowerman uploaded an older version of histacom to torrents and Sourceforge. Also the sourceforge version is buggy and even started to change its name to "TimeHack".


The game currently features 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 if you make it to 2000 or 2001 you have pretty much reached the end of my development... but you can still have fun there
Also a secret test of windows vista is included in the game however its no where near finished... type in "vistatest" in load game to access it... the vista operating system was intended for 2006/2007 - 2009 in-game.

Who I want to give this to:
I am looking for someone who will continue to develop this game and post it with regular updates on IndieDB. The game was programmed in 2010 but if you load it in a later version it will auto update. I don't want any money for the source code but I wish to be recognized as the original developer and in the credits of the game. If the game gets sold for money I would like a small cut sent to me however if you make it freely available I won't request any money since you are not making any yourself.

Currently Programmed Plot (warning don't read if you intend to play it) (Each year uses a different operating system):

1998 (Windows 95): 12padams the time travel software developer initially seems against you once you steal his time travel software by hacking into his website with the assistance of "This Hidden Hacker" in 1998. The software named "Time Distorter" (version 0.1 in 1998) only allows you to travel to 1999 and won't be transported with you (much later versions will be transportable).

1999 (Windows 98): Once you arrive in 1999 the hidden hacker finds you amazed that the software worked. 12padams finds you shortly after however and instead of being angry asks you perform more time travel experiments. He sends you version 0.2 of his software and asks you to attempt using it to travel to the year 2000 to see if his software can handle the Y2K bug. As you begin to travel through time however you jump back to 1900 and due to lack of a place to land you are pushed forward in time towards the year 2000 again. You almost arrive safely however the Y2K BUG pushes you forward to 2002.

2002 (Windows XP): Upon arriving in 2002 the hidden hacker contacts you in fear and desperation warning you not to open internet explorer due to an apocalyptic virus created by 12padams which has infected every internet server in the world. The hidden hacker explains that back in the year 2000 when you didn't return 12padams thought that you had stolen the software for yourself to travel to any year you wanted. In complete rage 12padams started developing a virus which surfaced in 2001 and started destroying the internet and all the computers in the world. By 2002 almost every computer in the world is destroyed. The hidden hacker gives you version 0.3 of the time travel software which was given to him in 2000 by 12padams. The idea was that both the hidden hacker and the player would travel to 2001 then back to 2000 again with version 0.4 of the time travel software but since the player never returned to 2000 this never happened.

The Split: You must choose whether you want to travel back in time with the hidden hacker to 2001 to confront 12padams at the point he released his deadly virus and convince him that his software bugged out when you attempted traveling to 2000 or if you want to travel alone to 2000 and pretend that version 0.2 of time distorter got you from 1999 to 2000 without problems (if this happens the hidden hacker and 12padams will have no memory of the future/2001 and 2002). Doing this however is dangerous because this means 12padams will never fix his time travel software and future attempts of traveling forward and back from the year 2000 will cause further time skips and problems.

2001 (Windows ME): Operating System Developed but Incompleted Storyline, Play game to find out, message appears when you complete up to where I have developed

2000 (Windows 2000): Operating System Developed but In completed Storyline, message appears when you complete up to where I have developed

Future Plans for development:

The hidden hacker seems friendly at first (1998-2004) but slowly becomes corrupted with power in around 2005-2010 due to his own greedy personal use of the time travel software. 2060+ is inaccessible due to a singularity (computer consciousness) which took over the world. The player may be able to go back in time to prevent this singularity arising however it gains the ability to travel through time in 2070 and attempts to take over the world in the 1980's if you attempt to interfere with its accidental creation in 2042.

My idea was to eventually have the player try to fix up history jumping back and forth at will trying to make windows dominate the operating system market and not let "the hidden hacker" from the future (2015ish) travel back to the 1980's (yes you were at one´╗┐ point in the game going to travel to the dos days and fight hidden hacker there) to prevent him making his own os which allowed him in 2015 to take over the world through hidden mind control software in his operating system. The code for the mind control software was stolen from artificial intelligence which took over the world using a mutated computer virus in the 2060's.

Player interaction method:
1996-2004 Text based instant messaging.
2005-2010 Voice based programs/online voip
2011-2024 Video chat
2024-2040 Holographic/ Virtual 3D Space

I hope this game finds a passionate developer! Please post replies to either discuss this game, its future or if you would like to be the developer of it. If you just wanna talk about the game for tips on how to progress and hack into the 12padams website go ahead :)

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Feb 15 2013 Anchor

I really want to program this game can you please send me the code my e-mail is

May 25 2013 Anchor

I want to keep development on histacom can you give me the source code for the game email me at

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May 25 2013 Anchor

Why not just open source it all?

May 28 2013 Anchor

I only just recently saw this game and I loved it! I it is a good idea for a game, and I think that with the right developers, it has massive potential. I myself am a and C++ programmer, and I just love playing this game and seeing the way you have implemented the code. I would like to kindly ask you for the source code. Not only will I keep your name in the credits, but I will also keep the '12padams' character in the game. I have plans for a official site, as well as a wiki and walk through. I am incredibly enthusiastic about this, and would input hours of work into this.

My email is
Please email me regarding the details

EDIT: I really want to do this!!! I am happy to invest both time and money.

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Jun 17 2013 Anchor

I would be really happy to do this. I've been programming in VB for two years already.
I'll keep every character in the game and even maybe create a site for it (just like CodeWeaver -_-)
Email me at
BTW, i totally LOVE this game.

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Oct 2 2013 Anchor

I absolutely LOVE this game. I would be glad to continue development. I currently program for the text based game Revival in Lua. (Yes, I know how to program in the language this game is in.) You can find Revival at I was watching OSFirstTimer and saw the history video. When you started talking about Histacom I immediately downloaded the game and played around with it. I LOVED it. Once I learned that you were giving away the source code, I was shocked but happy. Shocked because you were just giving away the code without any pay (unless the future devver decides the sell it), and happy because I knew that it could very well be the best opportunity for me. For a while now, I've been at a loss for game ideas. This just seems perfect. Don't worry, I saw the part about the guy taking the code and using it in his own game. I would never do that, I swear. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye, stick some fries in my thighs. I love programming and have been doing it for about 6 years now. I've loved computers, software, hardware, operating systems (modern and old, like Windows 95), and anything to do with computers or technology. You can email me at

I promise to maintain this game for as long as possible. I promise to allow you to influence me about Histacom in any way, shape, or forum. I promise to follow your future dev plans with little to no changes. I also promise to create a post about the game on IndieDB and give you full credit. If I break these promises, I will do whatever you tell me to do with this game.

Best Wishes,

Alex Ryan

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Nov 17 2013 Anchor

yeah i also want the source code and i have watched your video on youtube the complete history of os first timer it was pretty good and that video inspired me to code so if you are willing to share the source code send it to

Jun 24 2014 Anchor

Guys, this is still in development by a different person:

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