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Jun 2 2013 Anchor

This is sort of a random thing and i have no clue how to submit this or anything so i thought I'd submit this to you. I have an idea. an open world terminator FPS. essentially taking the destroyed city of L.A. which is Skynet Central as you probably know. you play in first person as a member of the resistance. in the Campaign there is an open world objective based system and the story progresses as you do things in the city. in survival you would navigate a certain portion of the city as waves of T-800's, T-900,s ETC. come through and attempt to wipe you and your friends or AI companions out. in Multi-player there would also be certain pieces of the city as maps and you would fight terminator and/or other humans. as a city to totally get the best performance there could be a system of blurring and not loading elements outside a certain range.

If you could do this i would be happy to help and that would be awesome if you cant i'd like to ask if you know a place i could submit this or people that could help


Jun 2 2013 Anchor

Go hoam un eet sum hamm.

Jun 2 2013 Anchor

What you have just typed basically comes down to just "an open world FPS in the Terminator world". And you want other people to create this mod/game for you. According to your profile you have been on this website for almost two years now, so I am sure that you are aware that there have been a lot of such "I have an idea, please make a game for me!" posts. The response is usually the same: it's not going to happen, especially not when you have such a vague and generic description of your idea. If you are going to work on the mod/game yourself then maybe, m√°ybe other people will join you.

So what I'm trying to say is: start working on such a game/mod yourself and try to recruit people as soon as you have a detailed description and some work done that you can show.

Jun 2 2013 Anchor

if anyone wanna play hounds online netmarble korean zombie game, send me pm. i offer accounts for english person.(skype - couponbook)

Jun 3 2013 Anchor

MetalSpy i get what you're sayin but i meant if there was a team willing to help i could design and work with them to achieve this not just "MAKE DIS 4 MEH NEWBZ"

Jun 15 2013 Anchor

saben creo deberian haber mods para empire of earth 3

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