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Arxae Resident Stepmania Freak :D
May 3 2006 Anchor

All software is free unless trial or so is after it:

Tag explanation:
The item is the best in its category in general opinion

Item is made/maintained by someone from the ModDB community and you should just give it a look to give its support :)

Last Update: 09/01/2007

hosting (no ads): (mysql5-4, php5-4, cgi,svn,rubyonrails) MOD Hosting only ModDB (php coming) ( adds on addon pages) ( (mysql,php,per) ( (mysql+php) (mysql, cgi, ssl, php) (Wiki only)

Content Management Systems (CMS)
PHP-Fusion | Demo --- ID: Admin,Pass:demo123)
PHPCommasy | Demo --- ID: admin,pass: demo)
ReloadCMS | Demo --- ID:admin,Pass:demo

PHP-Overlord (Demo with ID/Pass on site)(20$ purchase, no trial)


Image Galleries


Misc. CMS
EyeOS | Demo --- ID: root, Pass: demo)
Mantis bug tracking software

modelling progs:
GMAX (needs free serial)
Milkshape3D (trial, 30 days, $25 Registration Cost)
3DS MAX (30 day trial avaiable - subscription form)
Maya Personal Learning Edition (needs free key)
Cinema 4D (Trial, allso bodypaint 3d(UVMapper))
Pilot 3D (Trial)
Sketchup (allso a free verision called Google Sketchup: for use with google earth)
Rhino 3D (Trial)
Zbrush (Trial)
Pixels3D (MAC ONLY!)
DeleD: (free & pay)

Unwrap3D (Trial)(Export Disabled)
Bodypaint 3D (Trial)

2D Programs:
Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Trial)
Ultimate Paint
Image Forge
Project Dogwaffle: (free & pay)

Shader Tools:
FXComposer (Shader Creation)
Rendermonkey (Shader Creation - Only for ATI Cards)
Shader Designer

WinZIP SFX (21 day trial,$49.95)
Install Creator(Pro) (Trial, displays message after install, Standars:$59/Pro:$149)
Patchmaker (trial)(displays message after patch)
Wise Install System (Trial)

Programming Tools/IDE
Bloodshed DEV (C++)
Developers IDE
MinGW Developer Studio
Visual Studio 2005 (Trial)
Mono 1.0 (C#
SharpDevelop (C#)
Cream (Editor)
Torsion: (Torque engine only)
Notepad++ (Source code editor(syntax highlighting))
Code::Blocks (C/C++ Compiler)
MS Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition


Audio Tools
Goldwave (Freeware?)
Adobe Audition (Trial)
Sound Forge 8: (trial)
Acid Pro: (trial)
Acid Free
Cakewalk: (trial)

Video Tools
Sony Vegas: (trial)

DirectX SDK
NVidia SDK
Radeon (ATI) SDK

Misc Tools:
PolyTrans (Model file converter)
MakeHair (Hair Modeling)
MeLODy (Normal Map Generator)
DENormGen: ModDB
Misc. ATI/AMD Dev Tools (including ATI Normalmapper)

Resource Sites (3D Marketplace) (3D Tutorials) (NVidia OpenGL Docs) Free Textures Some free models

This list is not complete ;) (EDIT: list will probably never be completed :))
If you have any other tools not on this list, please PM me and i will add them.

  • TKAza
  • Wraiyth
  • Methulah
  • Liothen
  • TheHappyFriar
  • Jiffy_No0b
  • Dragonlord
  • Salohcin

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methy Is he black, is he not?
May 3 2006 Anchor

Nice list. I vote for this to be sticky'd.

May 3 2006 Anchor

raver cool but you bracketed the links and they dont hotlink :S

Wraiyth That Guy Who Does Those Things With The Stuff
May 4 2006 Anchor

Nice list, but FX Compose isn't for only nVidia cards.
Might also want to throw OpenGL Shader Designer in there (for the GLSL programmers amongst us)
Also, add some Programming tools (.NET 2005, Dev-C++)
Are you going to include resource websites/packages? Because if so, throw in links to shader SDKs also.

We need like an 'UBER LIST' that has everything (or something added to ModDB for people to search what they want, like free/retail utilities and resources)

Edited by: Wraiyth

Arxae Resident Stepmania Freak :D
May 4 2006 Anchor

im at school now, when i get home il update the list with hotlinks.
il add the programming category but i dont know the good programs
and resource websites/packages: ok, if i can find them.
great that i finaly made a useful post xd

EDIT: I have added some programming tools and the shader thingy.
i will put hotlinks in when im home

Edited by: Arxae



May 4 2006 Anchor

Visual Studio 2003 (Not free and expensive)
Tatto ( Free for personal use not free for companys)

Edited by: TKAzA

Wraiyth That Guy Who Does Those Things With The Stuff
May 4 2006 Anchor

Zifn't credit me Dark_Raver!

Another piece of software for 3d: Daz|Studio

For resources:

Pro Tools
Adobe Audition

Only ones I can think of off the top of my head for now, but I've got tonnes of stuff lying around or in my head. Depends to what extent you want it all

Arxae Resident Stepmania Freak :D
May 5 2006 Anchor

update :)
srry about the shader sdks, i couldnt find any.
il search again tommorow.
when does this gets stikyd :p



CrazyGoat Always very :tired:
May 5 2006 Anchor

What to say, please make it a sticky.

Edited by: CrazyGoat


Really good luck in everything that is really good.

If you lack experience, for your own sake and for the well being of the others on the internet, including the fine folks here at the ModDB and AddonDB and anywhere else please CLICK HERE. Thank you

...and also don't forget to visit this website too... unless you are already there, then don't forget to come back here :moddb:

Wraiyth That Guy Who Does Those Things With The Stuff
May 5 2006 Anchor

For shader SDKs, nVidia, ATI and Microsoft all have their respective SDKs on their websites (nVidia SDK, Radeon SDK and DirectX SDK) which all contain, amongst other things, alot of shader samples
Renderosity and Turbosquid also contain free models (Renderosity especially has some awesome shit)

methy Is he black, is he not?
May 5 2006 Anchor

As does 3D Cafe. I'm updating my computer, so I don't have any bookmarks on me at the moment, but I'll post some soon.

Arxae Resident Stepmania Freak :D
May 6 2006 Anchor

i added the shader sdks for nvidia and ati aswell as some website systems, wikis, forums, image galeriesand groupware
PLUS: i hotlinked all the urls xd



Wraiyth That Guy Who Does Those Things With The Stuff
May 6 2006 Anchor

Polytrans link needs a space at the brackets :)

If you're adding web software, throw Mantis in there ( - great bug reporting software.

May 6 2006 Anchor

Just found the best fee host ever.

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Arxae Resident Stepmania Freak :D
May 7 2006 Anchor

yay, update :)



Liothen Dogmatic Law
Jan 5 2007 Anchor

Awsome set of links. i also vote for this to be pinned :P


Mod DB Old Timer

Jan 5 2007 Anchor

Whoa. Bumpage rapage!

That's okay, though. I'll pin it. Hopefully Dark_Raver is still around to update it. If not, you can handle it, can't you, Liothen? ;)


"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146

Liothen Dogmatic Law
Jan 7 2007 Anchor

That I can :P


Mod DB Old Timer

Jan 7 2007 Anchor

Dark_Raver sent me a PM asking to have this unlocked, because he still wanted to update the information.

So, deed done. :)


"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146

myles Woah.
Jan 7 2007 Anchor

What about &

Some game resources -



Error: The operation completed successfully.

leilei The person who doesn't like anything
Jan 7 2007 Anchor

GameMaker's resource packs are copyright infringing.


<  insert subject games here  >

Jyffeh I am arch jailbird scowl.
Jan 7 2007 Anchor

Audio: Sound Forge (Trial)
Audio: Acid (Trial)
Misc: Vegas (Trial)
Audio: Cakewalk (Trial)


User Posted Image

Yak.RUS wrote: We had a girl in my school that took LCD and now she thinks shes a balloon for the rest of her life.

Jan 7 2007 Anchor

hosting (no ads): (mysql5-4, php5-4, cgi,svn,rubyonrails) Mod hosting ONLY

Edited by (in order): TKAzA, TKAzA

Jan 7 2007 Anchor

Project Dogwaffle (Painter like program): Free & Pay versions


Torsion (Torque IDE):

3D modeling:
DeleD: (free & pay)

PBWiki (public/priviate wiki's): (free & pay)

Edited by: TheHappyFriar


Go play some Quake 2:
It's like Source v0.9, only... better!
Play Paintball for Doom 3!:
Doom 3 Paintball to the Max!

Arxae Resident Stepmania Freak :D
Jan 8 2007 Anchor

there update XD
im allso gonna "introduce" some tags the explanation is on the top :)
allso if you guys can help me with 2 things:

1. Getting the recommended tags setup for each category: just tell me wich program is regared the best in its category

2. and offcoarse, keep the programs comming :)
trials are good but fully free is better:)

EDIT: ok last edit of this post (i hope XD)
cleaned up the links a bit (removed 404's updated some links)
and what i wanted to say: if anyone got ideas to make this thread better, name it :)

Edited by (in order): Arxae, Arxae



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