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Jun 25 2013 Anchor

Hello Everyone,

I'm here looking for some feedback on a game I am currently developing. It can be found here:

Fungicide Download

First, a bit of background. It's a 2D zombie shooter with 2-player co-op over LAN. Many zombie and monster games these days are focusing a bit more on stealth and survival, but this game is about fast paced action.

Features many unique enemies and 4 weapons to kill them with

As you fight monsters, both your character and individual weapons level up, greatly increasing your effectiveness (thanks to MrBillyGoatsGruff below). Along with these levels, a skill system is planned to add some strategy to the action.

Everything's out to get you!

Now, to you, the players! What would make this game better? How would YOU improve it, if you were in the driver's seat?

All feedback and criticism is welcome.

Edited 10/26/2013: Added screenshots/content

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Jun 30 2013 Anchor

Hi GreatExarch! just downloaded the game then and had a go at the survival mode, at first it was good fun blasting some zombies, but i did notice that it lacked a bit of purpose other than killing as many zombies and surviving as long as you can, i think it would benefit a lot with some more more smaller objectives within the survival mode, such as possibly a achievement system where if you kill a certain type of zombie with a pistol 20 or so times (this mob could be quite strong ) then you gain a special powerup/ gun which can only be obtained by that achievement, which can help you survive longer. it gives the player something to strive for other than to shoot and pick-up ammo. i hope this helps. but good stuff ! :D

- Billy

Sep 29 2013 Anchor

Thanks for the reply and feedback.

I have definitely been looking for ways to give the player smaller objectives to work toward, especially when it comes to survival. Right now, the game's longevity relies on picking stuff up, which probably isn't enough.

I like the idea of giving rewards depending on the weapon use. I've especially been looking for ways to make all of the weapons seem equally useful, but in different situations. Your suggestion might go a long way in doing that.

Once again, thanks. Also, sorry for the late reply, I had sorta thought this thread got buried a long time ago.

Sep 29 2013 Anchor

Looking at the profile, a few things basically made me not interested in downloading the game.

1. Art work didn't seem that appealing.
2. Windows only.
3. I have no one to play with on a LAN.

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