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Sep 30 2017 Anchor

Quick description
FULG is a highly customizable open source utility made in NodeJs and Electron that lets you create a launching and upgrading front end for your application or game.

What is a FULG anyway?
FULG stands for FlatUniverse Upgrade and Launching GUI. This tool is part of the development of FlatUniverse a free fan indie game created by MaslasBros. Although FlatUniverse is free but closed source, FULG is developed as an opensource project, giving the opportunity for any fellow indie developer to use or embed this tool on his own project.

Why do I need this FULG thing?
If you are developing an application and you are looking for a simple patch distribution solution then you should give it a try.

What is this FULG thing capable of?

  • Open Source.
  • Compatible with Unity 3d.
    • It is created based on our project which is made by Unity3D.
  • Development framework or game-engine indiependent.
    • FULG is a highly customizable external application.
  • Multi platform support.
    • It is tested to work on Windows, Linux and Mac. Check out FlatUniverse installer and see by your self.
  • Load balancing solutions for increased download demands from the servers.
    • It gives you the option to download your patches through random selected web servers (http, https) or by an embedded torrent client mechanism for peer to peer package distribution.
  • Expandable and modifiable GUI.
    • The GUI can be designed and modified by using common web designing technologies. Just like building a web page (html5, css etc.). It also supports out of the box Bootstrap and jQuery.
  • Multi language support.
    • The event messages and button states can be set in multilanguages by configuring a simple json file.

If you find this project interesting just visit the FULG bitbucket page for more information. And feel free to tell us your opinion.

INtense! End Boss
Oct 1 2017 Anchor

very cool, do you have more screenshots and examples of it in operation?


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

Oct 1 2017 Anchor

There are a few more screenshots inside the FULG Bitbucket home page but since I am in the middle of writing the Wiki, I will upload more of them.

However, you can download FlatUniverse launcher and you can see it in action it is totally free.

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