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Jun 20 2019 Anchor

Pocket RTS - Kingdoms is a modern take on the RTS Genre, specifically designed for mobile.

Take a look:

Summon, Construct, Gather, Eliminate
The goal in Pocket RTS - Kingdoms is ultimately to destroy the base of the enemy. To do so, you will need to gather mana, which can be used to create buildings and units. Mana is generated automatically, but can be sped up by creating workers which will chop wood, or choosing appropriate Talents and or Abilities.

Strategic choices
Every time you level up during battle, you get to choose a new ability out of 3 randomly selected abilities. Some examples of abilities: New units/buildings, upgraded base, faster mana regeneration etc.

There is a variety of heroes in Pocket RTS - Kingdoms, such as Knights, Archers and wizards. Heroes can be equipped with items found or bought throughout the gameplay. Create unique builds, such as an Archer attacking like a Gattling gun, or a Knight that is extremely hard to kill, either due to lifesteal or pure tankiness! Items can be further upgraded, or sold.

Skill Trees - Customize and create unique builds!
There's 3 skill trees in Pocket RTS - Kingdoms, Warrior, Guardian and Leadership. As you level up, you get skill points which can be used to further customize your strategies!

Features of Pocket RTS - Kingdoms
- 5 Chapters, 100+ Stages
- 5 Different Heroes
- 100's of items for heroes
- 20+ Different units to choose from
- 100's of abilities to choose from
- Skill trees

Ready to conquer all the enemy kingdoms with your crazy, unique, strategic ideas? Download the game for free!

Google play:

The game is completely free to play, and all ads shown in game are optional. They do not hinder the flow of the game such as forced ads would do. In fact, the game can be played without seeing a single advertisement!

Open for suggestions! I will read every review and improve the game to the best of my ability. This is a one-man project , so I do ask for some patience between updates.

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