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Apr 25 2021 Anchor

Hi everyone,

Our first free alpha version of PLASMA is available to download here on indiedb!!!

Logo ItchIO

Help Til, the fully automated cargo spaceship, to reach his next destination planet.
Each level you’ll have to select the correct fuel cells combination that will sum up to the distance to the next planet. For each correct combination you will receive galactic coins. Try to make the combinations as quickly as possible in order to achieve greater combos that would give you even more galactic coins!
But beware from the power running out so choose your combination wisely!

We would really appreciate any feedback regarding this game, mainly on the following topics:

  • Did you had any issues understanding the core mechanics of the game?
  • Did you find the game too easy or too difficult?
  • How did you find the UX of the game?
  • Any other topic you would like to tell us :)

Thanks for your time,

Shifful Studio

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Apr 29 2021 Anchor


I checked out your game. As to your specific feedback:

1. Did I have any issues understanding the core mechanics of the game?

Not really. The tutorial was quite long-winded and a little confusing for what ended up being a rather simple game. Have some sample gameplay instead. You could animate the mouse clicking the numbers or the respective keyboard buttons being pressed. Then have the player try it out.

2. Did I find the game too easy or too difficult?

I found it to be quite easy. This game seems to be targeted toward younger audiences (aka, elementary school kids learning math).

3. How did I find the UX of the game?

Please read my answer to question #1.

4. Anything else I would like to add.

Can't say there's much else to add other than ramping up the difficulty and adding more game options. If this is going to be a purely math-based game, then have more operation modes like subtraction, division, multiplication, etc., if that's what you're going for. You could add shapes too if you want to jump-start geometry and algebra.

Anyway, hope this helps.

May 1 2021 Anchor

mmnicodemos Thanks so much for your feedback!!!

I'm sure to change the tutorial as you suggested! Addition of some more mathematical operations was already in our roadmap so thanks for confirmation. Shapes might also be great idea!!

Really appreciate your time and effort, it was a great help!

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