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Dec 21 2016 Anchor

What is your favorite console games? doesnt matter on the console lol.

Jun 2 2017 Anchor

Overwatch, Battlefield 1 and Doom are on the top most position in the list of of my favorite console and PC games. I rarely play games on consoles, but many times I plug into a PC along with the CD keys which recently my brother had from the website of Instant-gaming. As he was being suggested by one of his gamers friends to Buy Battlefield 1 along with the CD keys from Instant-gaming.

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Jul 6 2017 Anchor

I don't play console games as I mostly play games on PC. I usually use emulators to play some console games. My favorite console games would be Contra Series and Lost Vikings series

Jul 18 2017 Anchor

Mario 3

Sep 8 2017 Anchor

Metal Gear Solid series, Resident Evil 4 and God of War series hands down

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Oct 20 2017 Anchor

Mario 64, GTA 4 and 5

Dec 9 2017 Anchor

Socom 2

Dec 9 2017 Anchor

State Of Decay, The Last of Us

Feb 6 2018 Anchor

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, Kingdom Hearts, Sly Cooper

Apr 30 2018 Anchor

Super Mario RPG (definitely an underrated title), both Zeldas on the Nintendo 64, Bioshock, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Dark Souls series. I've been searching everywhere for Path of Radiance because that's the one Fire Emblem title I've missed out on.. That's a great series.

May 1 2018 Anchor

Dark Souls

May 29 2018 Anchor

The best experience i've ever had with a console game is the one that i got with King's Field IV The Ancient City for the PS2. I actually wrote a review on metacritic a while ago since i felt the game has been too overshadowed by the more accesible Dark Souls series (which is actually a spiritual successor to KF).

Quoting my review in Metacritic (under the M3R1D1U5 username)

This is not only the definitive entry in the King's Field IP, it's one of the best games on the entire ps2 catalog. As other reviewers have stated, it is indeed a slow game, with a completely and absolutely bleak and depressing atmosphere, akin to that so intensely praised ambiance found in the Souls games (which are, indeed, spiritual successors to King's Field).

And while it has a strikingly similar design ethos to that of the Souls games, it manages to be its own thing, focusing almost solely in the atmosphere and dungeon exploration (while Souls focus stands on the combat).

Definitely, not a game for everybody. And MOST DEFINITELY not a 60/100 game.

King's Field: The Ancient City may be the greatest rpg in the ps2 library, and it's a damn shame that critics and audicence at the time weren't able to understand the genius behind it. An absolute masterpiece and without a doubt a 10/10 in its own niche.

Nonetheless, it's an almost religious experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.


Vita Brevis, Ars Longa

Jun 12 2018 Anchor

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Jul 10 2018 Anchor

For sure ESO on XBOX, World of Warcraft and EVE Online. Now I am preparing for Battle for Azeroth and it is why I buy wow gold because I want to do everything well and take pleasure from an adventure on new land.

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Oct 22 2018 Anchor

Hi everyone, as I gamer myself I always like to play retro games (more than often) and I know many of you out there enjoy it too so if the moderators allow it(don't worry guys no spam at all) I would like to mention this website in which you can buy awesome consoles and games with free shipping.

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Nov 19 2018 Anchor

FIFA 2018

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