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May 22 2017 Anchor

[size=14pt]Experienced Pixel Artist/Animator[/size]

Name:Barry Burce
Skype: barry.burce

Hi There,

My name is Barry, but I commonly identify as Absolute 8 within the online indie games scene.
I've basically been creating pixel art for use in games for around ten years. I'm versed in programming and vector art as well, but pixel art for games is definitely my passion.

I am in a position where I can invest full-time in the creation of pixel art for commercial projects so I'd like to offer my services for those that need it.

I've attached a few active examples of my work below. Feel free to contact me with details about your project and we can discuss an agreement to work together.

Looking forward to teaming up and making indie game history with whomever takes up the challenge.

Sincerely, Absolute 8

User Posted Image
Title image created with Gameboy palette constraints

User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image
Various animations in gameboy palette

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
Various other game mock-ups

If you have a need of any style of pixel art not listed here please feel free to inquire further. ;D

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