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Aug 8 2013 Anchor

I am hoping to create a top-down shooter. I need to be able to do:
-Keyboard/Mouse Controls,
-Xbox360(Controller) Controls(optional)
- Sprite Rotation
-Sprite Animation
-Scripting(No Visual Engines Please)
-Free For Commercial Use
-DLC Compatible

I know the basics for C++. Java, Html, C.S.S., C#, AGS Script. One language I have made a couple small programs with Python.

*Please keep in mind I have tried construct 2, RPG maker, construct, Adventure Game Studio(AGS), Unity, and blender game engine, and I felt like I was to bound to a type of a game that I did not have in mind my game, Ryzak.

Aug 8 2013 Anchor


Aug 8 2013 Anchor

I agree with plinkie, XNA is your best bet. But make sure you read each engine license carefully, their EULA's might shock you.

Aug 11 2013 Anchor

Would you please link to XNA?

Thank you both.

Aug 11 2013 Anchor
No trolling, that is the actual link. Moddb just shortens it to haha :)

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Aug 12 2013 Anchor
Aug 14 2013 Anchor

Yep, I downloaded it. Thank you for your help! I will put your name in the credits.

Aug 14 2013 Anchor

You should check out for great XNA tutorials.

Aug 14 2013 Anchor

If you tried out Unity and felt bound by the games you could make then you should definitely at least check out the 2D Toolkit plugin. It was seriously the best 60ish dollars I've spent on a game dev tool. Unity + 2DTK is an absolutely awesome combo. You'll be able to hit multiple platforms AND use the web player for beta testing. Plus it gets most of the boilerplate asset management, physics, and sprite drawing code out of your way.

Edit: I also forgot, 2D Toolkit has a new GUI system! Probably saves you a few weeks worth of work trying to roll your own.

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