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Jan 18 2017 Anchor

So I have been working on a project in Unreal for about a year now, and have been slowly fleshing out the histories of the peoples. No bios for now, just abbreviated histories of races.

BUFO History


The Buffalotaur seemed to have evolved naturally, per most anthropologists, however many scholars in the Wood Elf lands believe that the Bufo were created by their Mantis God, to force harmony among all peoples.

They began life with lies, in a meager attempt to prolong their race from destruction. Most believe that the Bufo resided in prairies and tall grasses before they went into hiding in Zyan woods.

First Age:

Things did not go so well for the Bufo at this time, when peoples began establishing national identities of ethno-unity. They were stubborn to this change for a time, but it became common for them to seek out work to pay the taxes levied on them by the encroaching powers of the world. This is around the time many of them took to the forests and woods to hide from lords so they would not be taxed.

It is not exactly clear as to why, but for whatever reason, the Bufo regarded the lords of all lands as being Gods and Goddesses to be worshiped and feared. Some even went as far as building shrines to their local overlords, as seen in many ruins of their people.

Around the time the Ralon were being massacred, the Bufo were forced into slavery.

The story goes, that a powerful and wise Bufo encountered a runaway Ralon, and told him that the Bufo were still free. This lie is what is believed to have started the Ralon Bufo conflicts that lasted to modernity.

Second Age:

The Bufo revolted from their oppressors, or were killed. They took up refuge in the eastern forests of Zya, and began crafting powerful birth-sign spears to seek out their vengeance.

More details on the conflict in the perspective of these people can be learned freely from any living member of their race, though it may be riddled with bias and propaganda.

There lack of success did not stunt their pride, and the Wood Elves continued to allow them to reside within Zya. However, some left for Aex in hopes of finding better possibilities. Even in this time, given their views on society, some wanted to become productive to the goals of an overlord God or Goddess.

Third Age:

For the most part, those that left for society, returned to their lands and families, as they found foreigners quite distasteful, and unwelcoming of their lying attitudes. A Council of Bufo families had gathered to discuss the future of the Bufo peoples, however when they all agreed it was best to leave things as it were, nothing significant came from such Council.

However, many say the Bufo that had left did so because they had impregnated local women of different races, and they were ashamed of the hybrids born from such a love; more than likely they did not want to support their offspring.


The present day has many Bufo living in fear, of a retaliation from the Ralon, or even involvement into the conflicts with the Owlua and their enemies.

RALON History:


There is no doubt as to the direct inherent fact that Ralon as a sentient did not exist until a divine being called Vortsua came and transformed a vast majority of the population into what we now know as Ralon. While Vortsua is one of many divine beings in Ralon society, this particular being is seen as the one True God, the Creator of the Ralons. Their remains have been found all over the lands of Eloha, and thus lead many Ralon to believe that their Holly Lands are everywhere, and must be taken back from those that wield evil against them.

Unlike the other races, they did have a Leader before recorded history, as shown in the grave site of one Noln de Minusa. It is believed they attempted to herd many races before they had developed the simplest of language, some other races hold the Ralon as shepherds to lead the world into enlightenment, while others such as the Buffo believe they will blind all and destroy them in vanquishing fire.

First Age:

In this Age, the Ralon saw much opposition to their honest and kind ways. Many other peoples began lying to them, and even went as far as to banish them from their newly established territories. Sadly, some even slaughtered them with torturous techniques. Genocide befell them, and it was the Wood Elves that sent invitation for them to seek refuge.

Problems did arise for them, the Wood Elves relied on a particular fungus in their lands, that caused the Ralon to experience scurvy, as it prevented vitamin C absorption.

As the Ralon faced extinction, the Wood Elves offered them territory to do with as they pleased, so long that the Ralon would come to the Wood Elves to heal their wounds when the need be.

This saved them from an untimely end, and they amassed an amazing city true to the Ralon ways of life. For some travelers, it is an unwelcoming city, as there are narrow walk ways and no lights for night.

Second Age:

A traveling Ralon that very much enjoyed recording the cultures of this age, found herself in a Buffo neighborhood, and it was then that a great lie was told. The details of the lie can be found in her Journal on display within the Oln Museum of Culture.

Many a folk died, the Wood Elves remained out of the conflict only when the Buffo were in Ralon territories. The Wood Elves did put up a minor resistance to their coming, but the Buffo charge is nearly unstoppable and all attempts were thwarted. The Swarfo joined in, and the Ralon Prominante hard word and evacuated their city to cut off the Swarfo.

The accounts of the Great Battle of Wor can be found on display in the Royal Estate of the Prominante in the visitors section. It was very brilliant in execution and planning, and resulted in the Buffo simply giving up their war efforts in light of the many vanquished Swarfo.

Third Age:

Prominante Saon Liodor established a campaiugn to mine out the resources made available to them. In an attempt to arm their warriors better should war break out again.

This upset the Wood Elves very much so, as the usurping of resources was against all they stood for. A Council was held, with the Khimra as Moderator, known as the Council of Earth Tooth. Depate went on for many months, until finally the Khimra had convinced both parties to make amends by offering things to another’s God(s). The Ralon would bring enchanted armors for the Wood Elves, and the Wood Elves would teach them of the secrets behind Drac folk.

The Khimra ambassador knew the news of a non-Elven race learning about the Drac would provoke many bloody wars, and so the entire Council lied without the knowledge of the Ralon. However, members of the Cultist groups of Aex have decided they know the truth, and problems began to arise when training began.

More or less, the training made no sense to the Ralon, so they abandoned that end of the deal, in hopes of a future council.


Mostly the Ralon are known for having defeated the Swarfo and Buffo, but also for aiding the Wood Elves in battle against the High/Dark Elves in their efforts to help the humans.

They still feel somewhat cheated by the Khimra, and hold a grudge for the Council conclusions. Paperwork has been filed to meet once again for another Council.

The current Prominante has threatened a war of cleansing against all non-believers, and most officials in Oln fear a revolution before long.

so that is just two of the 36+ racial histories I have to write up. I thought I would post those two first, as they are the smallest grouping of races to have overlapping histories.

does it seem good for an epic fantasy game?

Jan 19 2017 Anchor

Are you looking for creative feedback, proofreading, or what exactly?

Jan 20 2017 Anchor

not really proofreading, as these texts as are will not be displayed in game as info dumps. feedback is welcome though :), sorry I forgot to mention that.

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