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Jul 28 2013 Anchor

Hi i thought i'd share the game i have nearly finished to first alpha phase after almost 3 years (most of that time was taken up by uni and concept versions)
It is an online RPG that is aiming to be an actual RPG where you can customise your player in multiple styles of clothing,fully customise the weapons etc and live in a world that spreads over all the ages (similar to tech upgrades such as Age of empires where start of basic swords and advance to guns and stuff)
Right now it is at a very basic stage but i'm hoping with community support i can get it to a fun game for everyone to play with all the features i want.

It will hopefully have many systems in place with consequences for each like dimension jumping and time travel as well as fun "end game" stuff such as trade hijacks/defence (if your character nice you could help other players defend their stock in PvP zones for a price/free or if evil then you can hire mercenaries and hijack other players)

The game right now has standard RPG stuff at a basic level eg quests,combat,pvp,crafting and collecting etc
Below is a video of the game so far.(Between now and release i will try add a few more enemies,quests and items)

It is missing a lot of models etc because this is only made by me and i have to buy all the scripts models etc so most are stand in models and test quests,skills etc

It is using Unity Basic so still has a bit of optimising etc still to get it to high performance but the aim is to release it in the next month and update it weekly or fortnightly to start adding in quests,monsters and more.

I hope to release this in the next month and i have applied for Desura to publish it when it is ready. The price will be a one off fee of £15 in alpha or you can spend a certain amount in the item mall/donations over your accounts life which will give full access to the game.

The item mall will try to only provide small boosters and cosmetics or items which won't be overpowered such as a gun sight or a blueprint for a bow etc

It would be a big help if you helped it get noticed so it can live up to its potential. It is also on greenlight so a vote yes there would help the game get noticed too.

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