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Feb 21 2020 Anchor

Hello everybody! Who can give advice on higher education in Europe? The son is 17 years old, we are from Canada, there is an interest in the technical sciences. We welcome all your opinions. Thanks)

Feb 21 2020 Anchor

There is quite a bit of diversity between European countries, although the Bologna agreement made it it more similar to the system seen in Canada and the U.S. Some of it is first-hand experience, others second-hand.

One advantage is that tuition fees in Europe are generally less expensive, although this does hold not true for England & Wales. It's free in the Scandinavian countries and Scotland, whereas in Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands, you typically pay a nominal fee between €100-1000 per annum.

In the Netherlands and Germany there are a couple of technical universities, like TU Eindhoven. These might be worth looking into.

There is also bad news: You will get a similar sort of stratification that you are familiar with in North America. Dundee's Abertay University for instance is quite a shitty university which is opportunistically piggybagging on the fact that DMA design was originally from Dundee (even though both founders studied at the art academy of Dundee University). By contrast - and this might be a potentially life-saving advice: Avoid college fraternities in Europe, especially in the Netherlands and Germany, since they tend to be highly elitist and have far-right leanings. In France these are banned.

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Mar 19 2020 Anchor

Perhaps you should consider getting an Education in Germany? Still, the European level of education, and especially technical sciences, differs radically from the level of Canada or the United States. Moreover, for international students, there are now many options for completely free education in almost any city in Germany.

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