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Apr 20 2017 Anchor

So I have been wanting to get into Duke 3D modding for awhile now, and I decided to start with making the default pistol shoot a new projectile instead of hitscan. I have been reading through the eDuke32 wiki and and it seems like I need to create a new actor and use the shoot command, the problem is I don't know where to put the shoot command in the GAME.CON file. That is the biggest problem right now, any help is appreciated.

Apr 23 2017 Anchor

Let's back up a bit.
Hitscan is a flag for sprites, if they can or can not be hit by a projectile; and calculates where exactly the hit takes place on a given surface.
Shoot (PROJECTILE) command, can be placed where ever in the code.
When the player (actor) is shooting, the shoot (Projectile) only defines what is being used as a projectile. (Bullets, Rockets, Rays and so on).
Once you made your new custom projectile, just give it a name and follow the code for other weapons, for example SHOTGUN.

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