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Poll: Do you want another cliche fantasy game? (25 votes)
Does the world need another Fantasy cliche RPG? (Forums : Ideas & Concepts : Does the world need another Fantasy cliche RPG?) Locked
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Dec 8 2012 Anchor

Hello, IndieDB.
I've been writing a fantasy RPG setting as a hobby, and I thought, Does the world want another cliche fantasy game? (dwarves, elves, etc..)
please give me your advice on getting out of the cliche pit, and what would you like to see in a fantasy story?

Thank you.

Dec 8 2012 Anchor

looks like 60% say no.

Dec 8 2012 Anchor

God no.

Try thinking hard about what you're gonna create. When you think "Fantasy", broaden your definition. It can be pretty much anything you want. So think of something cool that's not Tolkein, and make something special out of it.

Dec 9 2012 Anchor

People hate this answer, but: it depends. The setting is a little dry, yes, but what matters most in a game is gameplay. If your game has a cliche setting, then you might consider making it technically, artistically, or in some other way incredibly unique.

As far as advice for getting out of the cliche pit: brainstorm. Brainstorm lots. Get twenty, fifty, or even a hundred ideas on the page before you decide to flesh some out for development. Most of the ideas will be awful, but there will be some gems, and the process of pushing yourself to brainstorm even when you think your mind is empty will pull out some very creative concepts. Best of luck!

Dec 9 2012 Anchor

The world needs fewer Tolkien knock-offs. You're more likely to get attention (and thus players/customers/what-have-you) if your game has a unique, original universe than you would if was yet another iteration of Middle Earth. Personally, I would -love- it if developers looked to things like Shadowrun, which use lots and lots of novel elements, or even things like Eragon, which use more traditional elements in more novel ways, with some extra novel elements thrown in.

That said, TabKey is right. Getting a thousand new players a day because of a novel setting does zip for you if your gameplay only makes 50 of them stay on as players/buy the game/what-have-you.


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Dec 12 2012 Anchor

Deep game and non repetive one where you just don't do quests like: find 10 something and after that find 20 something.
About the fantasy story could be anything but with some humour and deep story.

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Dec 12 2012 Anchor

Sure. There's nothing wrong with goblins and knights any more than there is with any other setting. It's not like it's a tourist attraction; uniqueness can and should take a backseat to the story and gameplay. Nail either of those two and it wont matter how many dungeons or dragons your game has.

Dec 12 2012 Anchor

I think that some kind of game will never be "out" fantasy rpg it's a classic and also if it's an idea seen a lot of times, it depends on how you make it.
Look at final fantasy, it's a worldwide success and is always the same thing.(but very very well done)
So for me the answer is YES :D fantasy it's good and fine :)

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