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Jan 4 2011 Anchor

Just finished the game which was really good. When it came to me that this type of gameplay would be perfect fo a Doctor Who mod /custom story (or an entirely new fan game using the HPL Engine 2). I have it all set-up on how it will work:

The story just using for now the castle as an example, the Doctor has come to the castle after receiving a distress signal.

Items you would use are the sonic screwdriver which you could use on locked doors.

As you search through the place and rooms, you come across Cybermen and Sontarans. You could use your sonic screwdriver on the Cybermen whilst on the Sontarans when they turn around you can pick up an item or rock and whack it or throw it at the back of their necks on the vent.

Other enemies can include Silurians found in say the sewers, Daleks which you might come across and even Weeping Angels.
Weeping Angels you can't defeat but evade them. You can use the lantern whilst holding it in front of them so they stay still but once you run out of oil, you best run. As well using tinder to light up candles and lights is good so they wont enter the room. This is where sanity also comes in, if you look directly into their eyes then your sanity lowers ver quickly. You can avoid this by just looking anywhere but the eyes.
Also later in like the dungeons, is where the Vashta Nerada could be. This is where also you must have enough oil so they wont get you and even a few lights on will work however there would be some chase scenes where you have to run away from them like you did from the red stuff.

When running away from any enemy, apart from just closing the door on them, use the sonic screwdriver to lock it so it takes a bit for them to get past.

As well other moments the Doctor might travel deeper and he starts to hear voices which could be from his past companions or enemies.

In the end, it could reveal that all the enemies are in fact shadow like creatures brought by this shadow being you find in the end which you have to defeat.

As you can see a Doctor Who mod for Amnesia would be perfect and would be great if someone created it.

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