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Jun 13 2014 Anchor

So, a few years back when I got into FPS games I discovered a new way of telling stories. Scripted sequences. They where a lot more immerse than watching a cutscene. And when I am talking about scripted sequence I don't mean when people are talking in final fantasy. I mean when cool stuff happens to help progress the story like a monster pops out or a guy says something to you.

So my question is writing scripted events like writing a play or a cutscene?

For example
Scene: A person runs down the hallway

Person: Dude, you aren't gonna believe this but there is gold over there! You better get some.

Scene: Person runs off. Slams the open door.

I only ask this because I wanna practice making SDK UDK mods and plan things out nicely. And I don't want them to come off where they are one of those scripted events where they steal your kills. I won't add too many of them.

And show me an example of your scripted sequences you have made. In code form, script write form, or video form. Mostly video form.

Jun 13 2014 Anchor

Scripted Sequence is a general definition that is pretty much everything that is happening in the game. The player equiping a gun, a dialog, an enemy spawning, an epic moment, cutscenes e.t.c. All are Scripted Sequences. What you must be reffering is an Interactive Cutscene where the player has only a little control of what is going on during this moment which usually tries to progress the story or show an epic moment.

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