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Jun 26 2020 Anchor

Hey Indiedb users, I’ve been working on Dinosaur Escape for the past 5 months and now it’s finally out! feedback is much appreciated :)
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Travel back in time to the Jurassic Age with Dinosaur Escape - Dino Game. It’s that time in the past when the sky is literally falling, there are asteroids in the sky which are hitting the earth every now and then as a thundering ball of fire.

The Dinosaurs are facing a crisis, a situation of life and death, be their saviour and save them from getting hit by the deadly asteroids. You have to also help your dinosaur by constantly feeding it with food.

Who is not astonished by the fantasy beast, epic and iconic, the dinosaur. Now we bring them alive to your phone screens with our new game Dinosaur Escape - Dino Game.
In Dinosaur Escape - Dino Game, Make your Dino Run as fast as possible to avoid getting hit by the deadly asteroids. Eat the grass balls in between and collect energy and life to survive the apocalypse.
You are going to be amazed by this awesome Dinosaur Escape - Dino Game and have an adrenaline rushing, heart pumping experience playing it.
If you like Dinosaurs and are intrigued by them, you are going to fall for Dinosaur Escape - Dino Game too.
The game is built with a lot of love for both young and adults, in fact we have tried to make it one of the best dinosaur games / dinosaur escape and dino attack games available on the play store.
The game is simple to start, just install the game from the play store, choose form the various species of dinosaurs, you can choose the ferocious T-rex dinosaur, T-rex or Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most ferocious dinosaur species known. T-rex runs fast and on two legs so it is easy to control and escape from the asteroids.
You can choose the others as well like Velociraptor, Allosaurus, Spinosaurus and many more while you start the game.

Unique Game Features
• Install the game and choose from various Dinosaur species to play with from the shop
• Play the game daily to collect bush tokens as daily rewards. On first install also you get bonus bush tokens which you can use while you play the game or purchase a different dinosaur from the shop.
• Move fast and Dodge the asteroids to save the dinosaurs
• Keep your energy and eat the food in between to stay alive while you save yourself from the asteroids
• Collect points and keep playing to make your highest score
Dinosaur Escape Game is optimized to consume less storage space, consume less battery and resources on your phone.
Dinosaur Escape - Dino Game is also optimized for both smartphones and tablets and also optimized for latest android versions.
The gameplay is simple and because of great game physics and easy game controls the game can be played anytime, anywhere, even while you are travelling.
If you like this amazing dinosaur escape/dinosaur attack game, please take a minute to review it on the play store and leave your awesome comments, also keep Dinosaur Escape - Dino Game game updated at all times for the best experience and latest features.
Share the game with your friends and family and have a lot of fun playing it together.
If you spot any bugs or have any new feature requests, reach out to our developers using the email mentioned on the play store. We take user feedback very seriously to improve our games and apps and make them user friendly and wonderful for your games and app users.

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