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Jun 30 2017 Anchor

Hi, I am working on a horror game called Hostile Regulation and I am in need of someone to help me with ideas and clever ways to set up levels against the horrifying and disgusting creature found within this game. Credit will of course be given. Here is a summary of the game:
Years ago before the fire, he was summoned once again. Brought from his world to cast a dark shadow across the land. He now constantly walks the halls of his new home, and abandoned by anyone who once lived in the surrounding district. This land was cut off from the public and left to rot. What is left of this place is usually known as the lost district.

The fire was a great tragedy, but three people did surprisingly survive. One of these people, John Martin, has been lured back to that abandoned school by an unknown force. John thinks he wants to go there in search of someone when in reality, something has a dark agenda for him.

If you are interested, please contact me here:

Aug 28 2017 Anchor

SpencerEldridge, Waow I have to say that your idea for your game sounds really impressive, I think you may need a few more tweaks to the narration, but it definitely has gotten my interest. I like the idea of the lost district and think you should use "Lost District" as the title of your game if you haven't already. Now for other level designs i am not a pro at this but I can come up with ideas of how you organize the plot lines for the various levels maybe we can work on that. feel free to contact through my page.


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