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Jan 3 2013 Anchor

So, our game, Dark Storm, is moving along nicely, however, I don't think we are getting enough feedback.

So, I come to you, oh great developer forum dwellers, to see what advice, comments, concerns, critiques, and suggestions you have for our game. I want to make sure we are making a top notch game, and i've found forums to be the most helpful place for different views and ideas for this sort of thing, especially if the advice and comments are from developers themselves.

development ideas, technical stuff (I'm only a scientist, not a programmer, please keep this in mind), website advice, and anything else that you deem helpful would be greatly appreciated.

Here's the IndieDB page for Dark Storm

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Jan 3 2013 Anchor

Are there any ingame screens?

Jan 4 2013 Anchor

There are not any in game screens yet, the (insert whoever does that, animators or something, i'm not too familiar with who does what) are working on it, though the level is still being finished up

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