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May 4 2013 Anchor

greetings, new here :)

I was wondering if I am able to adjust any settings with the AutoExec.cfg file to make the fake tesselation (POM) in Crysis Warhead to show at further distances.

In this picture, I am standing at the same place, but using the binoculars. As you can see, the POM is visible further away with the binoculars, so there should be a setting I can set for this?

User Posted Image

also, on the top picture, you can see that the ground on the hill to the right (above the rock) and the slope to the left has an awkwardly low resolution. Anything I can set to fix that as well?

Running the game in 64bit, currently using these AutoExec settings:

;Created with CryConf V1.0con_restricted = 0cl_fov 80cl_crouchToggle = 1r_displayinfo = 1e_lods = 0e_terrain_texture_lod_ratio = 1e_view_dist_ratio = 300e_view_dist_custom_ratio = 500e_view_dist_ratio_detail = 300e_vegetation_min_size = 1e_vegetation_sprites_distance_ratio = 1,7e_view_dist_ratio_vegetation = 55r_VegetationSpritesTexRes = 64r_GetScreenshot = 1capture_file_format = hdrcapture_folder = d:\bilderr_DrawNearFoV = 45ai_UseAlternativeReadability = 0e_particles_thread = 1e_vegetation_static_instancing = 1e_hw_occlusion_culling_objects = 1r_MultiGPU = 1r_GeomInstancing = 1g_joint_breaking = 1ca_UseFacialAnimation = 1ca_UsePhysics = 1g_ragdollMinTime = 30g_ragdollDistance = 300e_decals_allow_game_decals = 1e_decals = 1e_decals_life_time_scale = 30e_dynamic_light = 1ca_UseDecals = 1r_TexResolution = 0r_TexturesStreaming = 0r_UsePOM = 1

Thank you in advance :)

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