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Nov 3 2013 Anchor


Crysis 1 is a really nice game

Only thing i got in trouble with is controls. Keyword here is zoom toggle. I want to aim with iron sights while holding the right mouse button and stopping to aim while releasing the button. At the moment i am forced to switch this.

I tried changing the "zoom" lines at actionmaps.xml but i didnt get it :cry:
Anyone able to give a specific advice for this file?

Another thing i tried was creating a system.cfg (layed at the main folder in crysis 1) written with these two lines:

cl_zoomToggle = 0 //to turn off toggle zoom (standard on)
cl_crouchToggle = 1 //to turn on crouch toggle (standard off)

crouchToggle works, zoomToggle doesnt...Any idea?

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