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Aug 6 2017 Anchor

Top of the morning/afternoon/Ungodly hour of the night, Alphonse Francisco de Conoline, at your service.

After many hour of contemplation, ideating, and Human on Alien love scenes, I have decided to pitch my Idea for a mod using Medieval 2 as it's base, a concept I call: Dying Stars: Total War.

Set in a far-flung future where the Earth has frozen over and Humanity is but another bygone species in the chronicles of life, Dyning Stars would explore a unique cast of nations large and small, varied in size, appearance, tactics, weaponry, armor, and agenda, some with root in other series that can easily be bended, other with only inspirations taken from other sources, mediums, and genres. The mod would also allow players to explore the far reaches of the galaxy, meeting new friends and foe, trading with or conquering primitives, and stepping up to (or taking advantage of) Galaxy-wide crises.

As combat is a major staple of the Total War games, Dying Stars seeks not to disappoint. Flashy laser projectiles, monstrous beasts and vehicles, and unique spins on classic weapons from history and pop culture (no Lightsabers or Bat'leths tho).

I created this thread to see the communities feedback, get advice, and overall gage people's interests in such a concept.

Leave your thoughts and concepts down below, and please, don't accept money from shady guys in Italian Suits. Alphonse out.

Nov 10 2017 Anchor

sounds ambitious. if i remember correctly theres is also a warhammer 40k mod in the works for medieval 2 by the same guy who did beggining of the end times

Nov 18 2017 Anchor

I love idea, but only one problem I dont like Total War Games, dunno why

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