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Apr 26 2013 Anchor

Hello, I am interested in projects, both paid and unpaid. My work can be viewed at

Please let me know if your interested in my work!

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Jun 24 2013 Anchor

We are a Multicultural team called 'Nameless'. We are currently developing our first project 'Raven'.
A Survival/Adventure (No Zombies). We came across your post in indiedb and would really appreciate it if you would help us on our endeavor.
Contact us-


Aug 29 2013 Anchor

You looking for a real challenge? Looking for a well established game to see your work released to the world - and fast?We're an awesome team looking for awesome talent, and you happen to be someone who can help us achieve MORE fast.
We are OctoShark Studios and our first game is...

Check out our posting in the link below to read more about the game and the priority positions available!

Thank you for your time.

Jan 3 2014 Anchor

bump, looking for new projects

Jan 3 2014 Anchor Free work for Cadalion Online?

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Eruption Entertainnment is a game and software developer/publisher

Jan 3 2014 Anchor


I am the lead designer/ project manager of an indie game currently in the works. We are using UDK to develop the title and lack anyone in the art department at this time. I would love to discuss your skill set, along with our project, with you at any time. If you feel that you may be interested in a getting on board another project that will be somewhat long-term, please email me at for more information!


Jan 5 2014 Anchor

Morrowind, arguably the best game, of what is arguably the best gaming series of all time, stands as a source of inspiration to a generation of gamers and artists.

To keep the adventure alive, the Morroblivion Team is remaking Morrowind in the Skyrim engine, free to anybody who has purchased Morrowind. It has been nicknamed "Skywind" and they are already a couple of years into development. It is one of the most ambitious and best mods made for the Elder Scrolls series to date.

The Morroblivion Team are looking for 3d and 2d artists to join the efforts of their existing talented team of developers. They have been giving Morrowind a major facelift and updating graphics to better reflect this generation of gaming.

With a mindful process of finding out what your forte is, whether it be zbrushing, 3d modelling, texturing, animation, rigging, whatever your skills are, so that you can best produce work to show off your skills.
The team is dedicated to getting artist inspired creations into the game, so if you're one of those people who is good at modeling, but lacks the knowledge or motivation to get things into a game, then they are a great place to get a portfolio from concept to in game examples. They will even make videos for you of what your contributions are.

They are also looking for anybody with modding experience, whether it be world editing landscapes or knowledge of game mechanics, you'll be able to help.


Jan 6 2014 Anchor

Please don't post your massive posts in this thread, if you have so much to say, PM it to me, please... I do not mind like a paragraph about your project, but so much, including a video embedded - just makes it look like your spamming threads to get traffic. You can make your own thread with that much info, and refer a link even. Thanks.

On thread topic: I am currently searching for any freelance projects though I have had many offers recently and may close that. I am interested in helping any equity project but I am primarily more interested in unity projects, especially mobile games.

Jan 6 2014 Anchor

I've sent you a PM :)

Jan 8 2014 Anchor

If you are interested in working with which would be paid and unpaid depending on the projects you join, please send me a PM.

Jan 13 2014 Anchor

if you are intrested you can take a look at our moddb page

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