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Poll: Would you rather leave your machine on all night to do its job, or simply leave it for the next morning? (2 votes)
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Nov 16 2012 Anchor

Before I begin with my ramblings, nope, I'm not at all sure if this is the right board to post this. First thread, sorry. Now onto the topic...

Some time ago, I've read a thread like this in another forum, and golly, it actually left me wondering about this puzzling query: Picture a situation where it's late in the night, you gotta go sleep or else you get fired because of your bad sleeping habits or you forgot to put on your pants or something, and with all this you need to do something important and/or time-intensive with your computer: Install a new program/OS, download a large but important file, or application, whatever. But then the problem arises. That shiny new OS won't install in a jiffy, as you would love to happen; that file/program is TOO large for your cheap Internet service to take it from the 'tube monster to your little machine in matter of seconds, let alone minutes. Maybe your machine is too slow and/or worn out to do its job quickly; maybe your ISP is too slow yet you can't be bothered with upgrading. Obviously there's only one thing to do: leave that thing running all night 'round to take care of business... Or is it?

I'd say there are some things to consider when this situation arises:

  • Lifespan. While taking the overnight option may save you plenty of time and hassle, this action may certainly take its toll on your computer's lifespan. Some people, however, digress about this, saying that simply leaving it on all the time might actually lengthen your machine's stay in this world because of the power shock it passes through with every startup. Which takes us to the second question...
  • Bills. Sure, perhaps leaving it on all day may be more convenient than having to turn it off and on all the time, every single day you want to use it! Why would you want to pass through all that anyway!?... Well, probably because it's bad for your electric bill. Or your Internet one, if you don't happen to have a fixed-price service. Can your wallet take it? Is that OS really worth the extra cost?! After all, it's not like you do your stuff in your office or with a friggin' server - it's just your good ole' home computer after all. Last but not least...
  • Is it really worth it? Is that huge file all that important to merit such an action? Do you really need your new OS installed by the morning, so you could put all your backup files in it, re-install all your tools and games and everything else? Does your situation require it?

That would be it, and perhaps some more. What's your opinion about this? Did this ever happen to you? Or you just don't give a damn about this anyway?

I've set up a poll for anyone to express their opinion in the form of a vote if they want, although it's not entirely necessary. I just set it up because I could.

Nov 16 2012 Anchor

Lifespan.... I laughed at that one. :)

I said leave it on, but you're going to need to reboot anyway. Better idea: learn to budget your time so it can get done when you can select the options to keep the install going. Do I leave mine on all the time? Technically, yes, I just use sleep mode. Is it on vs sleep most of the time? Only when it's being used. If it's not rendering/downloading/installing/etc. it's in sleep.

Lifespan.... :) When I was younger people told me they left their CRT's on all the time because the switch would wear out and they'd have to replace it. I've NEVER heard of anyone replacing a switch because it goes before the screen and even these new (crappy) "always on" switches I turn on/off about a dozen or so times a day. :) So people were willing to spend an extra $15/month for 5 years to save a $2 switch on a $200 monitor. They're those people run things now ya know. :)


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