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Dec 22 2012 Anchor

Maybe someone had this kind of problems...soo...
So i got a new motherboard from a friend, everything should work fine but it isn't.
When i insert my video card there computer starts to restart every 5 seconds or so, what i do know is that it isn't because of the RAM because when i remove the ram computer starts to beep, and when i replaced with broken one then beeped again.
also i don't think cpu is problem either because if cpu would be broken it wouldn't even beep.
also when i remove my video card computer beeps few times and then moves on, it is still on, all propeller work and so.
When video card itself is blugged in, mouse, neither keyboard won't work, if i remove it, mouse and keyboard works.
NOTE: In the morning my video card was blugged in and no restarts, but still keyboard and mouse didn't worked.

Now questions, is it because of the PSU(power supply), or my video card is fried, or even motherboard itself, i myself don't think because it wouldn't even work like this then.
My psu is 400w, and video card wants approx 50and minimum should be for system 350w..

Thanks ahead!


Jan 18 2013 Anchor

my answer to most computer problems is: if your using a PC and having trouble with viruses and what not, get rid of the PC and BUY A MAC!!! best tip in the world! ;)

Jan 19 2013 Anchor

It might be a CPU cooling problem. Make that your CPU FAN (and heatsink) is properly attached to the CPU with appropriate thermal grease and try again. You might even need more fans to keep the whole thing cool. You also need the note the beeps you hear. Since you did not indicate how many beeps you need to count the beeps and check on the web, it would be even more helpful if you could find out the name of the BIOS you are using so that you can google the name of the BIOS along with the number of beeps. Start with only the basic system ie without Video Card and use a different port for the keyboard and mouse. If you already using USB for both change to PS/2 ports (while the computer is off of course) and see the change. How sure are you that the mobo is new?

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