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Aug 2 2011 Anchor

Hello Everyone.

I am Mariusz Jasionowicz, composer and sound designer at RareSound Production
I have composed an entire, professional soundtrack (15 full lenght tracks) featuring top quality instruments, high quality library choirs, live recorded multilayered choirs and seveveral accents with live percussions.

The theme of the soundtrack is Medieval, Roman, Ancient war/ battle environment. Mount & Blade could be quite close example of the atmosphere.
it's been orchestrated for a Roman themed game. However as you will hear it is quite flexible in therms of theme. However development schedule has changed and actually the soundtrack will have to wait longer to see the daylight. Thus I decided that the soundtrack should be used in title that is closer to completion, and produce new soundtrack when the time comes.

I can offer the soundtrack (right to use) for another game. I am open for propositions from developers who are working on a unique title, but we can discuss if you work on a quality Mod.
I will give you the right to use the soundtrack in your game for FREE. this means that you can use the soundtrack in your game and any related materials as long as the game is non-commercial. I will keep the right to the soundtrack but it will be permanently connected to your title and not to any other game.

Unless you would like to have the soundtrack on different conditions, then everything can be discussed.

If you are interested please check 5 tracks from the soundtrack on my website: in the music tab, on the web player it will be track 6,7,8,9,10.
If you think the tracks may fit your game, get in touch and we'll discuss things, I will also send you all the other tracks to listen.

Thank You

Mariusz Jasionowicz
Founder/Composer/Sound Designer at
RareSound Production Ltd.

Sep 12 2011 Anchor

Will you give the rights for trailer/video maker as I am? I would like to hear those songs, coz in my work I like to have epic music. Also, there's a big chance to air my video in Polish Television Hyper in Replay program (I won NanoEdition of Crysis 2 and many more). But many games have shitty custom tracks and I would like sum epic professional songs.

Sep 16 2011 Anchor


Sure It is possible and i will send you the complete soundtrack to listen but I prefer to discuss it in PM. Also, as you mentioned, in case if there is a chance for bigger exposure of your videos we can also discuss making completely custom tracks and sfx.


Sep 7 2012 Anchor

This may be a bit late, but are you available for a new soundtrack for my game? The game will share influences with your particular genres, but may bend more towards arabic/tribal music. If you are willing to work for free, and have spare time to write about 5-7 songs, please contact me on my profile.

Hoping that we will work together in the future.

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