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Feb 24 2013 Anchor

I am new to this site so i would prefer constructive criticism instead of downright ignorance, but now to the point

I am quite interested in History and during those times i have learned about things that the Allies and Axis tried to do, such as make better tanks and artillery and many EXPERIMENTAL things.

I got this idea while playing World of Tanks, what if Company of heroes had much more to offer, to start off, i was thinking about:

.Take out the Doctrines and put in Timelines or Timeframes from 1939-1950 or whatever the interested designers prefer
.Include lots and lots and lots of experimental weapons such as the Maus, E-100, E-50, IS-7, IS-4, Object 704, JagdPanzer E-100, GW get the idea
.include maps suitable to the artillery which would be to powerful to the current maps
.Make tank battles much more realistic, add health points to each target and make it fair (The Maus for being the biggest ever fully enclosed tank built, it should get much more than others, but has slow speed and disadvantages to balance that, but give the thing armor, having shermans get through 200mm of sloped armor is a load of horse****, so ballistics and all that crap)
.Actually have a good team on stand-by, this will be a hard thing to do, but its possible.

I might have missed a few things, just say so in the comments if you think that i did.

Here is a List of things that should be included and in order of class of tank and from weakest at top to most powerful at bottom

Light Tanks Germany:
VK Leopard II

Medium Tanks:
Panther II

Heavy Tanks:
Tiger P or Tiger
VK4502A and King Tiger
E-75 and VK4502P

GW Panther
GW Tiger
GW Typ E

Tank Destroyers:
Stug III or Hetzer
JagdPanzer IV
Ferdinand or JagdPanther II
JagdPanzer E-100

Light Tanks America:
M3 Stuart
M5 Stuart

Medium Tanks:
M26 Pershing
M46 Patton
M48 Patton

Heavy Tanks:
M103 or T34
T110E5 or T30


Tank Destroyers:
M36 Slugger/Jackson
T25 AT
T28/T95 (split these into T28 and T95)

This is just an example for the 2 classic sides in CoH
These tanks HAVE been taken from World of Tanks as in ideas, but not to steal so these should be worked on from scratch, they might not be within the WWII mark, but thats what the timeframe is for, to allow certain tanks to be built at certain times. Half these tanks are viewable on Wikipedia, some are not but...i can get images for you from in-game to give you a perspective of what they look like and what armor they have etc...

If there is anything you think i missed or you need to know, just put it in the comments section and i will edit it for you.

Feb 25 2013 Anchor

I think is a good Idea, that requires a lot of work from a team, in particularly the development of the new tanks for the game, the balance, and how they work thats a hell of a job you got there but as mapper and webmaster, I wanna see this ideas out of this forum and in develop mode right away :).
I wish you the best of luck mate you'll need it.

Best Regards

Mar 4 2013 Anchor

Yeah, the problem is. i have no clue in how to make this lol, im suggesting this for other major development teams, i would love to get this thing offically announced on a dev site, i want people to be interested, can you give me any major dev teams that could do this? i know its a seriously tough job, but it will be worth it, also i would wait until AFTER CoH II is out, then use the files compatible with that... you know what i mean :D

Maybe you could help with the spreading of this major mod :D

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