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Jul 14 2018 Anchor

So my question is how much coding do I need to know to work on modding. I pretty much know the basics of C (prolly even more than basics). Where do I get started to know more. If any1 is interested in helping me walk in to it that would be gr8 !

Jul 15 2018 Anchor

Depends on the game you want to mod, each game is different... For instance, modding The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will require you to learn how to use Creation Kit Engine and also Papyrus language whereas modding a game that does not support mods will often require for you to make tools before even beginning adding mods, if such tools do not exist already.

Jul 26 2018 Anchor

Hello. QQ for this group. My 11 year old son and I are trying to load a Civil War Mod for Napoleon Total War on our Mac. We've watched some videos online but it's not an easy process for a couple n00bs to follow. Would anyone here be able to help us find our way? He is recouping from a heart procedure and was hoping to play while resting and recovering. Please let us know. My email is if that is easier. Thank you all in advance.

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