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Dec 9 2018 Anchor

I have a commercial game idea that I would love for anyone to steal. I still like making Doom maps, and Quake maps, and maps for all the old games. In some ways I prefer it, because it is easier. The problem is that Doom is always Doom, Hexen is always Hexen, Heretic is always Heretic, Quake is always Quake, etcetera. Why not make really cheap old school games like Doom and Quake, and sell them digitally for about ten dollars or less? Then one could release modding tools. I would buy a really cheap game if it meant that I could make my own mods for it. Every game has different assets, so modding every game is different. Why not make a really old-school game, that is dirt cheap, and sell it with modding tools? People would buy it, just to mod it. A larger company could really just make one after another. It wouldn't even be much of a challenge. However, I think that such games would sell, especially if the marketing would be basically, "Buy this game just to make your own maps." A good example of what I mean would be something such as Project Warlock with modding tools. It wouldn't necessarily even have to be a first-person shooter. If I could program like John Carmack, I would make really simple games, sell them for a dirt cheap price, and release modding tools. I could make one after another, and I would like to see what the modding community came up with. That sounds more lucrative than spending millions of dollars on a game that is hard to mod, costs sixty or seventy dollars, runs on only newer computers, takes several years to make, and might flop. It takes so long to make a mod for Half-Life 2, but if they were to release a game like a game made on the Doom or Quake engine, people could jump right in with ease. We have people stealing assets from other games, just to expand their mods anyway. Make a lot of cheap, yet fun games and people might not be as likely to resort to stealing assets. An original game comes with original assets. That is just what I think.


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